Canada Family Action Coalition

Canada Family Action Coalition

February 19, 2013 14:48 ET

Canada Family Action Asks MPs to Stop Bill C-279

Group's campaigns to persuade 15 Conservative MPs to withdraw support

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Feb. 19, 2013) - Bill C-279 gender bill, dubbed bathroom bill, was cited as a way to protect trans persons. If that is the true purpose then use that term. "This Bill does little more to protect trans people. But it creates great risk for many others in social and legal areas", says Brian Rushfeldt, President of CFA.

"Paradoxically, because we oppose it, sex activists accuse us of imposing our values upon society. But this tiny group of activists want their values imposed upon all society via legal force and that is unacceptable." said Rushfeldt.

Had 15 Conservative MP's voted NAY the Bill would have been defeated at second reading. "CFA has targeted the 15 MPs with telephone calls, signs and letters. We want them to stop their ideological decision making and do what is right and conservative for Canada."

"Some call this the 'Bathroom Bill', but that ignores other legitimate reasons to defeat it.

CFA has laid out 6 comprehensive reasons and dangers:

1. "Gender Identity" and "Gender Expression" are vague terms and indefinable in law (covering what behaviors and who defines them?)

2. Women and girls are put at risk in bathrooms, change rooms, showers and other gender-specific facilities, and predators possibly using the law as a defense

3. Child gender confusion increased due to misleading forced sex ed curriculum taught in public schools

4. Businesses, organizations, even individuals could unknowingly commit human rights and/or Criminal Code violations

5. Massive costs incurred by people related to human rights complaints or criminal charges

6. Health care costs and burdens likely to increase

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