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Canada Strategic Metals Inc.

August 23, 2017 11:46 ET

Canada Strategic Metals Undertakes a Vast Exploration Program on its James Bay Gold Properties

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Aug. 23, 2017) - Canada Strategic Metals Inc. ("Canada Strategic Metals" or "the Company") (TSX VENTURE:CJC)(FRANKFURT:YXEN)(OTCBB:CJCFF) is pleased to announce the start of a major exploration program on its properties in Quebec's James Bay region.

The Company has finished compiling data from historical work on the Apple property and the recently acquired Annabelle, Blanche and Charles properties, which are 100% owned by the Company. A total of 30 days of prospecting and mapping are planned for each of the new properties (Annabelle, Blanche and Charles), as well as approximately two weeks of sampling and channelling work on the Apple project, located in the immediate vicinity of the Sakami project (see press release dated March 21, 2016).

Apple Property

The prospecting and geological surveying work carried out in the summer of 2016 was a success, with the discovery of multiple new zones and assay results from 291 grab samples of up to **5.28 g/t gold, 95 g/t silver, 0.81% copper, 1.71% lead, 1.83% zinc and 576 ppm cobalt. The new program will test the showings discovered in 2016 through follow-up work and detailed mapping, as well as stripping and channelling to better outline the mineralized zones. The table below shows the best results from the 2016 program.

Table of best results

Drill hole # Easting Northing Au ppm Ag ppm Co ppm Cu ppm Ni ppm Pb ppm Zn ppm Pb % Zn %
R647404 368225 5894021 0.074 8.4 9 65 39 708 3 900
R647405 368237 5894022 0.131 48.2 5 16 90 7 360 32
R647406 368166 5894070 0.324 76.2 46 8 070 155 582 166
R647421 367062 5893976 0.019 0.7 55 1 245 146 2 16
R647427 367817 5894006 0.033 14.7 38 427 27 1 550 36
R647428 367792 5894025 0.147 95 22 390 102 >10 000 >10 000 1.71 1 825
R647429 367705 5894034 -0.005 1.2 191 265 1 855 201 301
R647431 367712 5894035 0.147 19 99 3 650 185 1 140 2 320
R647436 367765 5894421 0.985 0.3 4 129 5 2 10
R647446 367445 5894481 0.468 0.2 20 84 38 3 68
R647447 367449 5894503 0.938 -0.2 20 95 44 3 121
R647453 367038 5894596 0.215 0.3 48 251 134 -2 44
R647461 366291 5894856 0.055 1.7 567 1 740 207 6 30
R647464 366303 5894851 0.049 1.4 43 1 930 300 7 90
R647471 364493 5893852 -0.005 -0.2 109 22 1 825 2 33
R647472 364410 5893783 0.008 1 68 2 250 335 2 33
R647724 364545 5895353 0.019 1.2 23 1 285 35 11 39
R647725 364184 5895047 0.009 -0.2 119 17 1 730 -2 33
R647551 368990 5894103 0.005 0.2 7 52 52 36 1 620
R647620 367033 5894813 0.253 -0.2 16 71 8 2 28
R647621 366829 5894809 0.114 -0.2 -1 7 3 2 6
R647672 365615 5895400 0.021 1.2 140 2 210 181 6 2 820
R647680 365542 5893297 1.95 1.5 488 2 880 473 7 >10 000 1.12
R647684 365418 5894049 0.023 0.5 39 175 89 6 1 540
R647686 364986 5893781 1.16 0.7 5 250 12 141 5
I740006 373426 5889799 5.28

** The samples are selective by nature and are unlikely to represent the average grade of the deposit.

Geological and geophysical compilation maps for the Apple property can be found on the Company's website at

The 2015 sampling program was managed by Consul-Teck Exploration of Val-d'Or, Quebec, who designed and supervised the program.

Consul-Teck Exploration applied QA/QC procedures to ensure best practices in sampling and analysis of the grab samples. The grab samples were described and sent for assay. Duplicates, standards and blanks were inserted regularly into the sample stream.

A total of 291 samples were collected and sent to the ALS and Bourlamaque laboratory to be assayed for gold and indicator minerals. The samples were delivered, in secure tagged bags, directly to the analytical facility for analysis, in this case the ALS Minerals and Bourlamaque laboratory facility in Val-d'Or, Quebec. The samples are weighed and identified prior to sample preparation. All samples are analyzed by fire assay with AA finish on a 30g sample (0.005-10 ppm Au) and ICP-41 for the other elements. Value over 10,000 ppm were re-assays by OG-46.

Annabelle Property

The prospecting program on the Annabelle property is aimed at discovering gold showings as well as showings of base metals such as copper, silver, nickel and zinc.

Systematic sampling will be done at each change in lithology or texture, with particular attention paid to areas most likely to contain mineralization, such as lithological contacts, faults, shear zones and the metamorphic gradient.

Local geology

The Annabelle property hosts several geological units but appears to be mainly composed of sedimentary rocks and minor iron formations. Mafic volcanic bands 2-10 km long by 1-5 km wide are also wedged between the sedimentary rocks and intrusive bodies, and intermediate tuffs have been observed in the form of long bands similar to the mafic volcanics. The units are distributed parallel to each other in a northwest-southeast orientation with penetrative schistosity. There is a regional curvature in the most northwestern part of the property (possibly a regional fold resulting from the intrusive to the north), and everything appears to have been displaced by northeast-striking faults.


The mineralization of the newly-acquired Annabelle property (formerly the Wabamisk property) appears to consist mainly of pyrite and pyrrhotite with arsenopyrite-enriched zones. Several occurrences of chalcopyrite and bornite, two copper sulphides, have also been observed. The mineralization has been found in sedimentary, volcanic and intrusive units and thus does not appear to be associated with any type of lithology in particular. The sulphides are usually disseminated, but sometimes occur in stringers (mm - cm).

The gold appears to be associated with quartz-tourmaline veins and veinlets with pyrite, pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite in wackes/greywackes (sedimentary rocks/arenites) at the edges of the contacts between the units and in the shear zones. The volcanic rocks and intrusives have also returned anomalous gold values, but very little compared to sedimentary rocks.

Geological and geophysical compilation maps for the Annabelle property can be found on the Company's website at

Blanche and Charles Properties

The goal of the exploration program on the Blanche and Charles properties is to sample the properties systematically to establish a reliable geological database and improve the understanding of the geology and structure of the various sectors. In addition, the geological setting (greenstone belt) appears to be favourable for the discovery of gold and base metals.

Local geology

There is very little information available on the Blanche and Charles properties. In general, a wide band of mafic volcanic rock (greenstone) is observed, about 40 km long by 2-5 km wide on the Blanche property and 8-10 km long by 2-3 km wide on the Charles property.

Blanche Property

The Blanche property primarily consists of a wide, east-northeast trending mafic band interpreted as an amphibolite basalt interbedded with small segments of magnesium basalt and komatiite, iron formations (silicate and/or oxidized) and wackes. The property is bordered to the south and north by intrusive rocks that have been described as Hornblend and biotite tonalite ± magnesium to the south and tonalitic gneiss, tonalites, granodiorites and quartz monzogranites to the north.

Particular attention should therefore be paid to the lithological contacts between iron formations, wackes and amphibolite basalts. Work carried out by ExploLab on behalf of Les Explorations Carat Inc. confirmed the presence of gold in the iron formations. The mineralization is highly variable, but can be up to 10% sulphides locally. The sulphides observed were pyrrhotite, pyrite and arsenopyrite, generally associated with bands of chert. The pyrrhotite occurs in veinlets (mm) and the pyrite and arsenopyrite are disseminated or in small clusters. ExploLab concluded that the gold is associated with arsenopyrite. Some intrusives (felsic rocks) also showed chalcopyrite and sphalerite mineralization.

In addition, the magnetic highs and lows can be easily located on the magnetic map of the area, which makes it possible to easily identify the iron formations and the pyrrhotite-rich wackes. The western sector, which corresponds to a magnetic high bordered by a magnetic low, warrants careful sampling, as significant gold anomalies have been observed in showings such as the Simon showing on the La Pointe sector of the Sakami property in the same type of setting (signature).

Geological and geophysical compilation maps for the Blanche property can be found on the Company's website at

Charles Property

The Charles property seems relatively similar to the Blanche property. It consists almost entirely of a northeast-striking band of mafic rocks (amphibolited amphibolite-basalt) interbedded with banded iron formations (silicate and/or oxidized) and paragneiss bands derived from feldspath wackes with biotite and garnet. Some parallel bands of ultramafic rocks (peridotite and pyroxenite) have been observed. Magnetic highs can be clearly seen in the southern portion of the property on the magnetic map of the property. This strong magnetism must correlate with the presence of numerous silicate, oxidized and sulfurized (pyrrhotite) iron formations. The magnetic lows associated with magnetic highs on this property also merit careful sampling; such sites are often the preferred locations for the deposition of mineralization.

Geological and geophysical compilation maps for the Charles property can be found on the Company's website at

Jean-Sebastien Lavallée (OGQ #773), geologist, Executive Chairman and Exploration Manager of the Company and a Qualified Person under NI 43-101, has reviewed and approved the technical content of this release.

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