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March 18, 2013 06:00 ET

Canada to Cuba and on with Business Destinations

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - March 18, 2013) - An essential read for those who make travel their business, the new Spring edition of Business Destinations gives an insightful, opinionated and intelligently researched analysis of the latest social and economic developments. Delving into the ever-changing economic conditions of individual nations and the wider social bearing of global politics, Business Destinations offers a comprehensive guide to the business world at large.

Whether you want interesting locations, meetings and conferences, travel management, current affairs, investment opportunities or travel advice, Business Destinations offers an unparalleled selection of features for the traveller and scholar alike. The Spring issue's special reports include an investigation into Cuba's experimentations with market socialism, as well as a look at the purpose-built business infrastructure of Abu Dhabi. Business Destinations also offers an insight into the adoption of environmentally beneficial technologies in urban environments, and explores the attempts of prosperous cities to draw in tourists and investors with an authentic brand identity.

In Business Destinations' cover story, Rita Lobo interprets the ever-changing socialist economy of Cuba under new leader Raúl Castro. With existing examples of successful market socialism in China and Vietnam and recent oil discovery off the Cuban coast, there could be a bright fiscal future for this island nation. In another of Business Destinations' special reports Michal Zuk considers the small Canadian town of Fort McMurray, in which approximately 10 percent of the world's oil reserves reside. Looking at environmental implications and issues of extraction, Zuk discusses the gifts and curses of 'black gold'. Further still, Catherine Smyth writes of cities hoping to reduce their carbon footprint and the curious policies pursued to attain this. From voluntary blackouts to sky-high topiary, Business Destinations looks at the most innovative schemes to curb environmental impact.

With a host of content for anyone concerned with business and with travel, the Spring 2013 edition of Business Destinations is out now.

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