Government of Canada

Government of Canada

April 08, 2009 14:48 ET

Canada's Economic Action Plan Makes Major Investment in Oshawa Harbour

OSHAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 8, 2009) - The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance along with Colin Carrie, Member of Parliament for Oshawa today announced the Government of Canada's intention to provide funding from the accelerated Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan to clean-up the Oshawa Harbour.

"Our Government is investing in our environment and our communities." said the Honourable Jim Flaherty. "Across Canada there are shovel-ready projects that have been assessed and have plans in place to begin work on cleaning up contaminated sites. The work on Oshawa Harbour will help stimulate the local economy and means that the harbour will continue to be an important part of the community for future generations."

The Government of Canada has submitted a remediation proposal to the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan that requests $9.2 million over two years to address contamination on Oshawa Harbour marina lands and the west wharf. The funding would also support additional assessments of the sites and their subsequent remediation.

"The Oshawa waterfront has been a source of great pride and commitment for me personally ", stated Colin Carrie. "Today's announcement illustrates our government's commitment to the people of Oshawa in establishing a clean green, mixed use waterfront."

The Oshawa Harbour project is part of the accelerated funding for federal contaminated sites that was announced in Canada's Economic Action Plan. Over the next two years the federal government aims to accelerate activities under the existing Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan.

The full federal contaminated sites inventory at:



New in Canada's Economic Action Plan

Through Canada's Economic Action Plan, the federal government aims to accelerate activities under the existing Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) over the next two years. An additional $80.5 million will enable accelerated action on site assessments and continued program management. This new funding is also expected to accelerate an estimated $165 million in additional environmental remediation/risk management activity on priority federal contaminated sites across Canada.

About the Program

The FCSAP program was established in 2005 with a commitment of $3.5 billion over 15 years from the Government of Canada. The program helps federal departments, agencies and consolidated Crown corporations, called "custodians," to manage contaminated sites for which they are responsible. It provides financial assistance to address the environmental and human health risks posed by sites, and also contributes to training and to promoting innovative technologies to clean up or otherwise reduce exposure to contaminants coming from sites.. Since it was established, thousands of sites across Canada have been evaluated. Action is under way or has been completed on more than 700 sites. Accelerating these activities under Canada's Economic Action Plan will increase the demand for more direct and indirect jobs in areas across Canada where these projects are implemented.

How It Works

Every year, custodians identify federal contaminated sites according to the risks they may pose to health and the environment. To do this, they consider factors such as the nature and degree of contamination and the sensitivity of the surrounding area. Through FCSAP, projects are ranked using a method that was developed in consultation with engineers and scientists. Funding is then provided to the highest priority projects.

Who Will Benefit

This investment in cleaning up federal contaminated sites will provide both economic and environmental benefits. Activities funded under this initiative will provide opportunities for professional science and engineering services firms, construction and drilling firms, material suppliers (both general construction and specialized technology), trucking companies, fuel and power suppliers, outfitting companies, aboriginal labourers and students, science and engineering graduates, and local labour and businesses (restaurants, hotels) throughout the country. Remediating federal contaminated sites will create new green spaces, healthier bodies of water and cleaner soils.

How to Find Out More

For more information, please consult the Federal Contaminated Sites Web site at

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