Electric Mobility Canada

Electric Mobility Canada

September 13, 2010 16:05 ET

Canada's Electric Vehicle Revolution Charges Ahead; Canada's Largest Exhibition of Electric Vehicles Demonstrated at the EV 2010 VE Conference & Trade Show in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 13, 2010) - More than 250 delegates and electric vehicle experts from around the world are gathering in Vancouver this week to explore technology and policy issues that will shape Canada's successful transition to an electric vehicle future.

As international automakers announce plans to introduce plug-in electric vehicles into the market, the EV 2010 VÉ Conference and Trade Show, in Vancouver from September 13 to 16 will bring together speakers and exhibitors representing auto manufacturers, utilities, academia, battery and component suppliers, and governments from Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.

"With British Columbia having the highest hybrid adoption rate in Canada, cleaner and greener travel options are clearly a priority for our residents," said the Honourable John Yap, Minister of State for Climate Action. "We are committed to making British Columbia an electric vehicle friendly province and recognize the role these vehicles will play in helping us reach our greenhouse gas reduction goals."

"Utilities, municipal, provincial and federal governments, businesses and vehicle owners are facing strategic and practical challenges when it comes to the introduction of electric vehicles," said Al Cormier, Executive Director of Electric Mobility Canada. "We are proud to show that Canadian industry is innovating, improving battery technologies, and developing smart-grid plans to ensure that Canada is prepared for, and will benefit from, the roll-out of new electric vehicles entering the market."

Canada's transportation sector relies on fossil fuels, contributing to over one-quarter of our country's greenhouse gas emissions, air quality issues and health concerns. Significant emission reductions from the transportation sector through the use of electric vehicles will help Canada attain provincial and national air quality standards and allow citizens to breathe easier and reduce petroleum usage. 

Interest in electric vehicles is growing as Canadians look for cleaner, more efficient vehicles. Electric vehicles will not only help the environment but also allow consumers to save money on maintenance and through reduced fuel costs. And with most Canadians commuting less than 40 kilometres per day, battery and plug-in electric vehicles can meet the needs of most consumers.

As one of the top five countries producing and using renewable power, Canada is well positioned to embrace electric vehicles. Utilities, including BC Hydro, Hydro One and Hydro-Québec, are supporting the development of an electric vehicle infrastructure – including fast charging stations – to accelerate the arrival of the vehicles in the Canadian marketplace.

"Electric vehicles are coming and they have the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions," said Dave Cobb, President and CEO of BC Hydro, the host utility for EV 2010 VÉ. "We are particularly interested in highlighting clean energy options – like electric vehicles – that we know are of great interest to our customers and their desire to use energy efficiently. We are working with industry partners and auto manufacturers to increase awareness of these cars in B.C. and help our customers see how they operate in real-world conditions."

Conference activities begin Monday, Sept. 13 and end on Thursday, Sept. 16. For a complete listing of presentations, workshops and events, visit http://www.emc-mec.ca/ev2010ve/en/home.html.

The general public is invited to learn more about electric cars by visiting the EV 2010 VÉ Trade Show "Public Night" at the Sheraton Wall Centre on Burrard Street in Vancouver on Wednesday, Sept. 15 from 6 to 9 p.m. Included in the evening is the premier launch of the new short video "The Life Electric" as well as featured guest Chelsea Sexton, electric vehicle advocate, former GM EV1 Specialist and one of the key individuals in the 2006 documentary film "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

In addition to BC Hydro, as host utility, event supporters and sponsors include Azure Dynamics, BCIT, Chevrolet, City of Vancouver, CSA, ECOtality, EPRI, Ford, Government of British Columbia, MitsubishiEaton, Natural Resources Canada, Nissan Canada Inc., Ontario Ministry of Economy Development and Trade, and Transport Canada.

About EV 2010 VÉ Conference and Electric Mobility Canada

The EV 2010 VÉ Conference & Trade Show is the largest electric mobility conference in Canada. Now in its 3rd year, the Conference offers business professionals and vehicle industry experts the opportunity to learn about the latest advances, network with colleagues and exchange ideas regarding electric mobility.

Electric Mobility Canada, a national not-for-profit organization, promotes the use of electric vehicles as an important solution to Canada's energy and environmental issues. For further information on Canada's electric mobility future, visit the Technology Roadmap which outlines 21 initiatives designed to accelerate the introduction of electric vehicles in Canada.

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