Heritage Frozen Foods Ltd.

Heritage Frozen Foods Ltd.

November 15, 2010 14:07 ET

Canada's First 100% Whole Wheat Perogies Now in Stores

Heritage Frozen Foods adds the goodness of whole wheat to its CHEEMO brand

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Nov. 15, 2010) - The growing interest among Canadians to eat healthy is a key factor behind Edmonton-based Heritage Frozen Foods Ltd.'s decision to manufacture Canada's first 100% whole wheat perogies. Under its well-known CHEEMO brand, consumers can now enjoy a new perogy which features a potato and three cheese filling wrapped in a tender dough made of 100% stone ground whole grain flour.

"We pay a great deal of attention to our customers when it comes to deciding on the kinds of perogies we make," says Heritage Frozen Foods President Joe Makowecki. "Lately customers have been asking us to make a whole wheat perogy that features 100% whole grain flour."

Consumers may be confused about the difference between 100% whole wheat and 100% whole grain as they do not necessarily mean the same thing. The main difference is the presence of the wheat germ. Due to milling processes, 100% whole wheat products may not include the germ, whereas 100% whole grain products always include the germ. CHEEMO's Whole Wheat Perogies are made from 100% whole grain flour that includes the germ.

Canada's Food Guide recommends that at least half of a person's consumption of grain products each day be whole grains. "With our new whole wheat perogies made from 100% whole grain flour, we are able to help consumers meet the recommended diet as noted in Canada's Food Guide," says Makowecki.

"With today's families looking for both value and nutrition in their food purchases, our new CHEEMO Whole Wheat Perogies are receiving a very favourable response from consumers," says Makowecki. "Our company is proud to present consumers with a hearty option for a healthy diet." Consumers can find CHEEMO Whole Wheat Perogies at grocery stores and food departments throughout Canada. Visit www.cheemo.com for a selection of nutritious whole wheat perogy recipes.

Heritage Frozen Foods Ltd. is a family-owned and operated company that has been providing consumers with high quality perogies at reasonable cost since 1972.

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