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September 11, 2007 14:30 ET

Canada's New Government Contributes to the Restoration of Scott Fruit Company Warehouse and the Former Union Bank Building

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - Sept. 11, 2007) - The Honourable John Baird, Minister of the Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, today announced important contributions to protect important heritage sites in Winnipeg?the Scott Fruit Company Warehouse and the Former Union Bank Building.

"The Scott Fruit Company Warehouse is an important part of Winnipeg's history," said Minister Baird. "I am pleased to know that the heritage value of this building will be maintained and protected for the enjoyment of future generations of Winnipeggers and Manitobans."

The Scott Fruit Company Warehouse has been revitalized by its owner, Dr. Meredith Penner and the Children's Clubhouse, to accommodate innovative community and social services that contribute positively to the area. The total Government of Canada contribution of $403,748 is being provided by Parks Canada through the Commercial Heritage Properties Incentive Fund (CHPIF).

Located just outside the Exchange District National Historic, the Scott Fruit Company Warehouse is an example of Winnipeg's transitional warehouse architecture that followed the more massive buildings from the turn of the twentieth century. This building has seen very limited exterior alteration in its 90-year existence.

The Former Union Bank Building will be rehabilitated for use as a commercial office building and potential retail space by its owner, Pace Greentree Ltd. The Government of Canada contribution, which could be up to $1 million, will also be provided by Parks Canada through the CHPIF. The federal funding will help to ensure that the characteristic historic and architectural features of the Former Union Bank Building are preserved in the rehabilitated building.

"Thanks to the building owners, the Former Union Bank Building will be brought back to a constructive life," said Minister Baird. "With this funding, Canada's New Government has demonstrated its support for protecting Winnipeg's downtown core. As Minister responsible, I want to work with communities across Canada to help reverse the trend that has seen so much of our built heritage lost.

The former Union Bank Building follows the classic palazzo model, one of two Beaux Arts-inspired forms used for early skyscrapers-buildings of greater than five storeys supported entirely by a structural iron and steel frame. The building was designated a national historic site in 1996 because of its main block, erected in 1903-04. This was the first skyscraper in western Canada and illustrates many of the architectural and engineering developments of its time.

CHPIF is part of the Historic Places Initiative, which has involved the federal, provincial and territorial governments working collaboratively to create new tools and support mechanisms for the preservation of Canada's heritage properties, including the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada, the Canadian Register of Historic Places and the CHPIF certification program. Details of the initiative are posted on Parks Canada's Web site at

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