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Canadian Heritage

March 10, 2005 15:58 ET

Canada's participation in Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan

Honorable Liza Frulla, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Minister responsible for Status of Women, offers a warm send off to the culinary and hosting staff at the Canada Pavilion at Expo 2005 Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 10, 2005) - Fact sheet

The Canada Pavilion Hosting Staff at the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan

Following a national recruiting campaign, 36 outstanding candidates have been selected to be the frontline ambassadors for the Canada Pavilion at The 2005 World Exposition, in Aichi, Japan. The members of the dynamic, energetic Hosting Staff hail from across Canada and from Japan and will be the first point of contact for most visitors to the pavilion.

During their six-month stay in Japan, the hosting team's duties include welcoming visitors to the Canada Pavilion; controlling the flow of traffic; answering questions about Canada and its participation at Expo; assisting the hospitality team in the organization of VIP functions such as receptions, dinners, and special events; and escorting VIP visitors on tours. They will also take on the role of "Teku-jin" by wearing tall, overhead screens, small portable computers and a camera that can wirelessly send images to the Web site. In short, they will play a major role in ensuring the overall Canada Pavilion experience at Expo 2005 is an enjoyable and unforgettable one.

Following an open competitive bidding process, Spherion agency was awarded the contract to recruit, hire, train and manage the Hosting Staff for the Canada Pavilion. Each of the nearly 800 applications received were reviewed and after the first screening process, successful candidates were requested to write an essay and undergo a thorough interview. The Hosting Staff for the Canada Pavilion consists of 14 males and 22 females, averaging 26 years of age. All of the hosting staff has fluent Japanese language skills and half of the team is fluent in Japanese, French and English.

Over and above meeting the hiring criteria, many of the team members have had experience living and working in Japan, especially with English-teaching programs. They all come with an impressive background of knowledge and work experience, for example, a recipient of the Governor General's Academic Bronze Medal, a recipient of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award, a Japanese T.V. actress, a Volunteer Coordinator of an initiative aimed at bringing further education to the children of Nunavut, a recipient of the Japanese Government Monbusho Scholarship grant, a fundraiser and participant in Habitat for Humanity in Osaka, Japan, an individual who played a key role in organizing the 2003 World Congress of Science and History Producers in Paris, and a public relations/media clerk at a number of National Hockey league Entry Drafts.

An important element of Canada's participation in Expo 2005 is the Engaging Canadians strategy, which aims to involve Canadians from across the country in this international event. The Hosting Staff will be joined by six members of the Culinary Program who are tasked with the challenge of ensuring that all hospitality and catering needs are met for the special events hosted at the pavilion's Manulife VIP Lounge and Executive Boardroom area.

The Canada Pavilion Culinary Program at the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan

Six young Canadian aspiring chefs will take part in the Culinary Program at the Canada Pavilion for Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan. Graduates of Canadian culinary arts schools across the country, the successful candidates will live and work in Japan while learning about hosting and catering international events. The culinary team is tasked with the exciting challenge of ensuring that all hospitality and catering needs are met for the special events hosted at the pavilion's VIP area under the professional guidance of the Executive chef, Mr. Wayne Murphy.

In addition to the visitors who will visit the public presentation space over the course of Expo 2005, open from March 25 to September 25, 2005, a variety of guests and dignitaries will be invited to attend special events and meetings in the Manulife VIP Lounge and Executive Boardroom. This space is ideal for receptions, business meetings, conferences, seminars, informal banquet-style events as well as formal meals. Exciting and imaginative menus will be developed by Mr. Murphy and his team (biographies attached) and will profile a regional balance of Canadian foods and beverages, based on their availability in Japan. In essence, the culinary team will present menus made from Canadian ingredients prepared by Canadian chefs for a quintessential taste of Canada.

An important element of the Culinary Program is that it creates an opportunity to involve more Canadians in Expo 2005, as part of the Engaging Canadians strategy on youth exchanges. Once in Japan, the young chefs will join 36 other Canadians who make up the hosting staff for the Canada Pavilion. The culinary team will have the opportunity to work with Aichi-area chefs and culinary schools and will take part in Canadian-themed events in local restaurants for a valuable international learning experience. Given Mr. Murphy's extensive experience as a chef and as a professor of culinary arts at La Cité collégiale in Ottawa, Canada's capital, he will provide leadership and guidance to the young chefs on his team. Bilingual in English and French, Mr. Murphy has also lived and worked as a chef in Japan.

Please find below a compiled list of Canada's regional participation at Expo 2005:

Hiten Armin, British Columbia, Hosting Staff
Catherine Bradd, British Columbia, Culinary Arts
Yoshi Ebisawa, British Columbia, Hosting Staff
Cherie Inoue, British Columbia, Hosting Staff
Amanda Lau, British Columbia, Hosting Staff
Isabelle Maranda, British Columbia, Hosting Staff
Terry Matsuzawa, British Columbia, Hosting Staff
Meika Nagai, British Columbia, Hosting Staff
Michelle Raty, British Columbia, Hosting Staff
Alex Ushjima, British Columbia, Hosting Staff
Mariana Yelchinko, British Columbia, Hosting Staff

Marylyn Lee, Alberta, Hosting Staff
Adam Pendlebury, Alberta, Hosting Staff
Douglas Sauer, Manitoba, Hosting Staff
Brad Towle, Manitoba, Hosting Staff
Jennifer Wiebe, Alberta, Hosting Staff

Tara Besignano, Ontario, Culinary Arts
Giovanni Florin, Ontario, Hosting Staff
Bob Gélinas, Ontario, Culinary Arts
Melissa Kamibayashi, Ontario, Hosting Staff
Monica Khanna, Ontario, Hosting Staff
David Laberge, Ontario, Hosting Staff
Mélanie Leroux, Ontario, Culinary Arts
Marisa Meaker-Williamson, Ontario, Hosting Staff
Sophia Nakamura, Ontario, Hosting Staff
Piero Pastorelli, Ontario, Culinary Arts
Maeva Vidal, Ontario, Hosting Staff
Sotaro Yamaguchi, Ontario, Hosting Staff

Alain Giard, Québec, Hosting Staff
Sébastien Goode, Québec, Hosting Staff
Louis Hosaka, Québec, Hosting Staff
Marie-Ève Inoue, Québec, Hosting Staff
Emily Lamont-Cardinal, Québec, Hosting Staff
Masako Nagano, Québec, Hosting Staff
Mélanie Plouffe, Québec, Hosting Staff
Jonathan Sullivan, Québec, Hosting Staff

Atlantic Canada
Marc-André Duval, New Brunswick, Culinary Arts
Miwa Kobayashi, Nova Scotia, Hosting Staff
Alison Rowe, Newfoundland, Hosting Staff
Christine White, Nova Scotia, Hosting Staff


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