September 15, 2005 09:30 ET

Canadian Associate Minister of National Defence Mauril Belanger Visits CryptoMetrics®, Inc. for Demonstration of Leading Biometric Security Applications

OTTAWA, Canada--(CCNMatthews - Sep 15, 2005) -

Company Celebrates Corporate Re-branding

CryptoMetrics®, a leading global provider of facial recognition and fingerprint technology solutions for the government, aviation security, law enforcement, military, homeland security and commercial markets, will host Associate Minister of National Defence Mauril Belanger to speak at the Company's re-branding event marking the transition of the former BioDentity Systems Corporation to the CryptoMetrics name. The company will also conduct a technology demonstration, showcasing its cutting-edge technology products and applications.

Robert Barra, co-CEO of CryptoMetrics, stated, "CryptoMetrics has emerged as the major player in the fast growing biometrics sector. From identity theft to cyber-attacks to global terrorism, the world is in need of better and better ways to protect access to physical and electronic assets through positive identity confirmation. Biometric technology holds the greatest potential to support systems that can deliver this protection. Through our FingerSURE™ fingerprint recognition products and our SecurIDent™ facial recognition products, CryptoMetrics is firmly established in the largest and fastest growing segments of the industry. Our technology center in Ottawa will be the engine of further innovation for CryptoMetrics going forward."

CryptoMetrics, which was founded in 2000 to provide improved security through fingerprint recognition technology for electronic communications, e-transactions and data storage, acquired Ottawa-based BioDentity in 2004, adding that company's extensive facial recognition technology to its portfolio. The Ottawa operations, now named CryptoMetrics Canada, serve as the technology development center for CryptoMetrics, and are responsible for leading the development and enhancement of the company's biometric facial recognition and fingerprint technology solutions.

Minister Belanger commented: "Terrorism and security issues have been a growing concern for countries and companies around the world and the technology that CryptoMetrics has developed will play a vital role in providing for a safer and more secure world. I am pleased to have been able to celebrate this important event and recognize the contributions of the team based here in Ottawa."

The field of biometrics - the measurable physical or behavioral characteristics that can be used to identify people - has grown in size and prominence as aviation security, border security, logical/information security and security of physical structures, among others, increasingly require heightened levels of attention and protection. In the area of border security, international standards will soon require all Passports to include a secure electronic chip that contains facial biometric data; law enforcement officials increasingly rely on biometric technology in an effort to crack down on duplication of identities by criminals; and, fingerprint and other biometric applications are used with greater frequency to protect access to computers and data.

Joel F. Shaw, Chief Strategy Officer for CryptoMetrics and an internationally recognized expert in Machine Readable Travel Documents, who hosted Minister Belanger, stated "We are honored to have Minister Belanger join with CryptoMetrics for this important event. His presence underscores the work we are doing with corporate, government and military clients around the world, to deploy better, more efficient and safer means of protecting a nation and it's citizens via positive identity confirmation. We firmly believe that biometrics has the ability to make for a safer and more secure world."

Jeffrey Dale, President and CEO of the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI), stated "The presence of CryptoMetrics in Ottawa is an excellent example of the leading technology that is being created in the Capitol region. Ottawa has emerged as the technology center of Canada and it is thanks to companies such as CryptoMetrics that we have been able to solidify this position. CryptoMetrics' industry-leading technology continues to further the field of biometric capabilities and we look forward to the company's future growth and positive contribution to the Ottawa business community."

CryptoMetrics' technology preview will provide a visual demonstration and explanation of the company's facial recognition and fingerprint biometric products. The event will take place on September 15 at 11:00 am at the company's office, located at 160 Michael Cowpland Drive in Ottawa. Mauril Belanger will speak at 12:00PM followed by the technology demonstration.

About CryptoMetrics

CryptoMetrics, established in 2000, is a leading global provider of advanced and accurate biometric surveillance and identification solutions that overcome security challenges of airport and border security, law enforcement, government agencies and private enterprises. CryptoMetrics SecurIDent™ facial recognition products are unique in their ability to track and recognize multiple faces simultaneously in real-time, without active participation of subjects under surveillance. CryptoMetrics FingerSURE™ fingerprint recognition products provide added security by requiring users to authenticate their identity via fingerprint analysis.

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