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Canadian Association of Movers

May 26, 2016 07:00 ET

Canadian Association of Movers (CAM): A 10-Point Plan for a Summer Move

CAM Recommends That Consumers Get an Early Start on Planning Their Summer Moves to Ensure They Have a Positive Moving Experience and Don't Get Caught Having to Hire a Rogue Mover at the Last Minute

MISSISSAUGA, ON --(Marketwired - May 26, 2016) - Summer is coming and you may be getting ready to move. Summer is the period of peak demand for moving companies, so CAM recommends that you do your research, get in-home estimates and book early to get the mover you want.

There are pitfalls to planning poorly or leaving your booking until very late. You risk having to hire at the last minute and getting limited choices for reputable movers. Schedules are busy and the best movers get booked up quickly. Don't find yourself at the mercy of a last-minute rogue business that will give you an unreliable estimate, empty promises and poor service.

The Canadian Association of Movers gets complaints from consumers on a daily basis, such as:

  • the mover is demanding twice as much money as stated on the estimate
  • there were additional charges that the mover didn't tell me about on the estimate
  • the mover damaged my goods and will not compensate me
  • the mover told me they had insurance, but now I find out it does not apply to me
  • the mover cannot give a good explanation for delays
  • the mover is already late and keeps promising different delivery dates
  • my goods haven't been delivered and mover won't take my calls
  • the police say my problem with the mover is a civil matter

CAM can assist consumers to avoid these problems. The most important way that CAM can assist is in helping to FIND A REPUTABLE MOVER -- a mover who will provide professional moving services as agreed in the estimate, subscribes to CAM's code of ethics, meets CAM's business standards and commits to mediation in the unlikely event of a dispute.

Here are ten points to help you get a good move:


  1. DO hire a reputable mover. Check with your provincial government, the Better Business Bureau and/or the Canadian Association of Movers before you contract a mover.
  2. DO get three on-site estimates -- IN WRITING. An in-home estimate is the most accurate estimate -- and that means fewer disputes later on, during or after the move.
  3. DO validate the mover's reputation and their affiliations, particularly for any estimate that is significantly different from the others.
  4. DO read Industry Canada's Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company on CAM's website, CAM has important information on moving for consumers.
  5. DO ask how your goods are protected against loss or damage and insured while in transit. You may wish to request additional cargo protection that is based on your valuation of your shipment. And always get it in writing.


  1. DON'T make your decision based on the mover's advertisement or salesperson's promises. Glossy ads, slick websites and verbal promises won't ensure a good move. Always get promises in writing.
  2. DON'T make your decision based on the lowest price or the company waiving the tax. Low prices are often altered on moving day with additional fees and only a disreputable mover will avoid collecting tax.
  3. DON'T accept any verbal agreement or over-the-phone estimate. A verbal commitment cannot be proven in a dispute. A phone estimate is not binding and is often unreliable because the mover does not have all of the necessary information. Always get promises in writing.
  4. DON'T accept the company's references at face value. References can be a marketing strategy so they should not be your deciding factor.
  5. DON'T use a mover that has vague contact information. If their website does not provide a street address, don't use them. Watch for movers who have a local phone number, but who reside in a different location. Avoid movers whose only phone line is a cell phone.

You have a responsibility to protect yourself. Find out about your rights and responsibilities. Consumer protection laws are not easily enforced, so it's far easier to hire a reputable mover than to try and get a remedy after the move.

Professional movers assist their customers to prepare for their moves, ensure their goods are protected and do the jobs as agreed. Rogue movers inflate prices, hold goods for ransom, deliver late, refuse to settle claims and fail to respond to calls and emails after the move. Book early to avoid using a rogue mover as a last resort.

CAM is Canada's trade association for the moving industry, representing movers from coast to coast. It certifies movers, promotes quality moving services to consumers and monitors a mover's performance. Its mission is "to advance the interests of its members by promoting quality service." In an effort to remove the rogues that are harming Canadian consumers and to assist consumers in finding reputable movers that won't cheat and abuse them, CAM has promotes its Reputable Mover Strategy. Good consumer relations and an industry with a positive reputation are in everyone's interest.

For further information: Contact the Canadian Association of Movers, Canada's moving industry trade association. CAM helps consumers by identifying good movers and monitoring movers' performance. Consumers should contact CAM at 1-866-860-0065; visit CAM's website,; fax enquiry to 905-756-1115; email to; mail to PO Box 26004, RPO Churchill, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 5W7.

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