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Empyrean Lighting

June 24, 2014 09:00 ET

Canadian Born Entrepreneur Lights Up Path to Success With Empyrean Lighting's Revolutionary LED Products

Kevin Day is no ordinary man. He's leading the LED revolution and changing the way the global industry sees lighting technology.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - June 24, 2014) - Awarded one of the 'Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia' and one of the 'Top 100 Smartest Companies in Australia', Canadian born Kevin Day is leading the LED revolution with Empyrean Lighting and changing the way the global industry sees lighting technology.

Empyrean Lighting offers a highly innovative and solutions-driven approach to lighting applications. "We're stepping away from the constrictive notions of traditional luminaire design philosophy," explains Kevin Day, CEO of Empyrean Lighting Pty Ltd Australia and Empyrean Lighting Canada Ltd. "Most clients know the benefits of LED lamps and luminaires and are now looking for products that best utilize the strengths of this efficient, green, and safe technology." Empyrean is committed to the continuous innovation, research and development of LED technology.

As a dual citizen, Day divides his time between Australia and Canada, overseeing customized installations worldwide. One such installation is at First Nickel, a Canadian mining and exploration company, where Empyrean is employing their Andromeda™ series of flood and park luminaires in a variety of applications across several of First Nickel's Eastern Canadian mines and facilities. The Andromeda series provides a highly customizable and rugged LED solution for most mining environments worldwide. The applications typically result in a 50% reduction in power use associated with lighting, and maintenance costs are drastically reduced due to more robust luminaires with longer lifespans.

The Andromeda series is just one of Empyrean's many products featuring their proprietary Pixel Rail Technology. Empyrean's unique Pixel Rail Technology has excellent industrial applications for warehouses, workshops, mining sites, commercial demands, etc. The customization of beam angles, colour, temperature, housing and power enables the series to be suited to any and every application requiring high intensity light output.

As a part of Empyrean's international business ventures, Kevin Day will be spending a large portion of the upcoming summer based in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, where he'll be meeting with industries to discuss improved LED design technology that presents an efficient, cost-reducing, green and safe lighting alternative.

Being at the forefront of the LED revolution, Empyrean specializes in design and control, and can provide a customized, personal, and professional approach for niche requirements.

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