February 18, 2015 10:24 ET

Canadian Company Launches Platform to Carry Torch in Enterprise Communication Technology

r-evolution delivers dramatic solution to productivity within corporate firewall

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Feb. 18, 2015) - Today marks the launch of the full r-evolution product suite, an advanced communications platform, specifically designed for enterprise businesses. Developed by coReplatform, r-evolution is seven applications in one platform, combining all office communications - email, document sharing, instant message, contacts, and more - into one central, secure hub with a revolutionary full-text search. Delivering significant productivity gains and increased work efficiency, r-evolution streamlines and searches all data on one intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Under development for over 10 years, this collaborative new toolset is now available on mobile, desktop, Outlook plug-in and a powerful analytics console called euReka. It provides the functionality of the best cloud-based applications, but is fully integrated at the data level and engineered to work seamlessly behind corporate firewalls to offer a completely secure platform.

"r-evolution was designed to help busy professionals get stuff done with ease on mobile." said Steve van Zutphen, Founder & CEO, r-evolution. "r-evolution is a significant solution to enterprise users' most common frustrations, wasting time searching for and connecting their data."

In addition to its world-class contextual search capability through e-mail, documents, conversations and contacts, r-evolution boasts a truly collaborative feature called rSpaces designed to solve the persistent problem of email overload. This results in considerable time saved and increased collective productivity.

r-evolution is available for iOS and Android operating systems and is compatible with all email services, including Microsoft Exchange. Users can seamlessly transition between the mobile application, desktop platform, and Outlook plug in.

For more information, please visit r-evolutionapp.com.

About coReplatform Canada Corp.

coReplatform Canada Corp., an Alberta Corporation, is the developer and owner of r-evolution app. coReplatform's mission is to evolve and transform the state of the art of human communication as applied to business on mobile and desktop interfaces.

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