National Pardons of Canada

National Pardons of Canada

December 01, 2011 08:00 ET

Canadian Criminals Add Pardon to Santa's List

Pardon Service Firm Waives $449,000 in Fees in December

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 1, 2011) - A Canadian service firm that completes pardon applications for criminally convicted Canadians has taken a holiday approach to finding new clientele - they're waiving their fees.

National Pardons of Canada Ltd. ( has announced pro bono services for Canadians seeking to start a Pardon application in December. The company expects to give up more than $449,000 in service revenue helping 1,000 Canadians get started on the pardon application process before year's end.

Tony Bauer, President of National Pardons of Canada, noted that retaining a professional firm without having to pay professional fees just makes sense, especially for a potentially life changing application.

"We wanted to create a win-win for Canadians seeking to clear their criminal record," he said. "Our company gets exposure, a growing client base, and success stories. Canadians get a Pardon without paying service fees - which ultimately benefits both the freedom of the applicant and their family."

Those who have been convicted of a criminal offense in Canada often face debilitating roadblocks to job opportunities, travel freedom, and volunteering. Once pardoned, the individual's conviction records are sealed from public domain and stored separately from other records in the police's central "CPIC" database. In the last five years, over 110,000 Canadians have received a pardon, which is granted by the Parole Board of Canada.

But Bauer added that although it's smart to get help completing the application process, Canadians should be wary of companies demanding fees up front.

"There have even been instances where a pardon service company knew an applicant wasn't qualified, but they charged them a processing fee anyway", he said. "We don't feel that's good business".

According to the company's website, National Pardons of Canada does not require service fees to start an application process for qualified individuals. Instead, they make sure applicants meet the eligibility requirements before any fees are paid. Those looking to apply for the no service fee pardon application are advised to complete the submission form on the company's website, or call them directly at 1-866-383-9744.

In a May 2011 Juristat Article published by Statistics Canada citing cases in adult criminal court, over 262,616 guilty convictions were handed down by judges to Canadians from 2009-2010. Leading the way was Ontario (89,922), Quebec (52,345) and Alberta (37,082). The Yukon Territory had the fewest adult criminal court convictions, at 744. These numbers add to the estimated 3.5 million Canadians already living with a record.

National Pardons of Canada Ltd. provides $0 starting fee solutions for Canadians seeking freedom and opportunity in employment, travel, and peace of mind. In addition to pardon applications, the service company also offers U.S. Entry Waivers and Canadian passports.

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