Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute

Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute

October 15, 2007 08:03 ET

Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute: Canada Is Not yet an Energy Superpower, New Report Concludes

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2007) - A new report, Canada as an Emerging Energy Superpower: Testing the Case, concludes that while Prime Minister Harper continues to crisscross the world promoting Canada as an energy superpower, "There is no clear definition of what it means to be an energy superpower" or what this power would be used for.

This report, released by the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute will be the subject of a conference in Ottawa on October 29th. It is authored by Annette Hester, a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, in Waterloo, Ontario and a Senior Associate, at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

Canada needs to develop forward-thinking energy sector policies that are included in a national vision in order to emerge as a true global leader in the responsible and effective management of energy resources.

An energy superpower must be able to control access to supplies - reserves and transport - enough to be a price setter in a significant market. It must be able to leverage energy resources to extend its sphere of political influence beyond its regional markets.

However, while the energy sector is key to Canada's future economic health, "Canada is not an energy superpower." Its small production figures make it a price taker not a price setter, the federal government does not control the resources enough to be able to effectively leverage them nor does it have a national reach, the report argues.

As well, the report opines that Prime Minister Harper and Canadians are not clear on whether Canadians would really want to be an energy superpower.

The report concludes that Canadians "are ready to go forward - but not by accumulating indiscriminate wealth and not by imposing their will on others" and calls on the Prime Minister to "set aside idle and unconvincing rhetoric and seize this opportunity to unite the country behind economic and political goals."

As an economist and energy market specialist, Annette Hester brings a scholarly perspective to the issue of future resource management in Canada.

"The relevant question is not whether Canada is an energy superpower but how Canadian energy resources can be used to turn the country into a powerful modern nation, an example of Capitalism done right."

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