Canadian Doctors for Medicare

Canadian Doctors for Medicare

April 13, 2011 10:20 ET

Canadian Doctors for Medicare: U.S. Physicians Urge Federal Leaders to Restore Commitment to Medicare

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 13, 2011) - As Canadians find themselves in the thick of a federal election where health care remains the first priority, U.S. physicians joined Canadian Doctors for Medicare to urge federal leaders to restore their commitment to Medicare.

US physicians spent Tuesday, April 12th, visiting with their Canadian counterparts, touring health programs, clinics and practices in Women's College Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital and St. Michael's Hospital, witnessing first-hand the effectiveness and efficiencies of Canada's health care system. They expressed enthusiasm for our system, but concern about the efforts of some in Canada to undermine it.

"All across this country we see Medicare being undermined, people breaking the laws that support our health care system, and the federal Government has done nothing to prevent it," said Danielle Martin, Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, citing Canada Health Act violations in multiple provinces. "It's hard to explain to American doctors why we make so little effort to protect something as valuable as our health care system."

"Thousands of US doctors and millions of US citizens are desperate for a fair and accessible health care system. The innovations and talent we saw in Canada's health care today certainly explains why," said Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal of Physicians for a National Health Program. "It's hard for us to imagine why the federal government wouldn't be protecting this incredible asset and enforcing your health care laws."

Canadian Doctors for Medicare is calling on all federal leaders and candidates in this election to commit Medicare, enforce the Canada Health Act and ensure that all Canadians have access to quality health care across the country.

"Federal leaders need to pay attention to the warnings of other systems and the consequences that come with them. It's time to build our health care system where innovations and efficiencies are both embraced and promoted across the country", continued Martin.

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