October 05, 2012 14:07 ET

Canadian Entrepreneur Receives Obama's Presidential Award for Volunteering

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2012) - When Calgary entrepreneur James Timothy White was only 12 years old, he dreamed of building his own successful business. He started a small landscaping and snow removal company and stayed committed to seeing his dream through; by the time he turned 16 he had seen that goal come to fruition. White's landscaping company employed several hundred personnel and contractors across the province of Alberta, Canada. On recalling his accomplishments, White notes, "It's still hard to believe that I accomplished what I did at that age!"

While building his business, White discovered that there was more to life than just earning money. Some of the most gratifying rewards in life are the feeling of accomplishing a job well done, the excitement felt when helping people establish their own business or helping them make money as investors, and the gratification received from connecting with others to help people and the community with what they need. He states that, "It's these principles, along with volunteering that has made America great and a shining example of success for all of these years."

The President's Service Award

"I made a decision to help people who wanted to help themselves. In 2009, I decided to take volunteer-work more seriously. I worked within communities and took time to educate the people willing to learn what I had to teach." White recalls.

Since 2003, the President of the United States began awarding those who give back to the community and inspire others to volunteer. This President's service award is officially presented on behalf of the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation and marked with an official congratulatory letter from President Barack Obama and is called the Call to Service Award.

Three levels of volunteer service are awarded - the silver level, gold level, and the highest level of achievement is called the President's Call to Service Award. Each level carries with it a specific number of hours of service; the silver level is less than 1000 hours, the gold level has 1000 hours or more, and the Call to Service Award is for 4000 hours or more of volunteer service.

The Heart of Volunteerism Awakened

At only 27 years old, White, a veteran businessman, has offered over 4000 hours of volunteer work through various charities, foundations, and organizations. He doesn't know who specifically nominated him for the award, but is happy to have received it.

"I'd say that I was partly influenced by some of my travels in the United States and seeing people less fortunate than I am with a will to work and learn, but without the tools or resources available to them. I started to feel that there must be something I could do to make a difference," he said.

"It was volunteering to help serve food during a charity music festival that helped me see the light about volunteering," he reported. "I gave a gift of one of my books to one of the other volunteers. Several years later, I received an email from that volunteer who told me that my book inspired them to start their own small business. As a result, the business success he experienced created big benefits - and now his life has turned around and he is reaping the rewards!"

How He Helps People the Most

One of the several books White has written is called, 42 Businesses Under $100, which has felt enormous success, selling more than 100,000 copies world-wide! This book shows readers how to start a business for less than 100 dollars and gives them 42 business suggestions for where to start. He has also published:

James T. White's Million Dollar Business Bible- a comprehensive guide to what you should know BEFORE you jump into a business. This one saves you time and money.

101 Ways to Financial Fitness- In today's times, splurging on anything is out of the question. This book teaches you how to save money and seize the opportunity to become financially fit.

Learn What's Best When You Invest- This book teaches you how to invest, based on your individual situation and how to critically evaluate companies to invest in. It's true out-of-the-box thinking needed for success.

Asset Protection: What If?- It's possible that a crooked CFO could run off with all your hard-earned cash but not if you protect yourself as you should. Learn how.

Born to Be Business Savvy- An autobiography of James' business endeavors and overcoming the obstacles, white is currently working on a new edition.

White encourages everyone to seriously consider starting their own business to see how their life, family and community can change for the better. When he isn't volunteering, he finds many different ways to assist small businesses - asset protection, pre-bankruptcy coaching, professional networking, and even marketing. Find out more at his website,

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