April 04, 2012 19:20 ET

Canadian Entrepreneurial Guru James Timothy White Launches Entrepreneur News Site

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - April 4, 2012) -

Summary: The world's youngest CEO to have a company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has launched online news site where he aims to provide news and tips on entrepreneurship, business strategy and financial related matters and more.

From making his first million at sixteen to being the youngest person ever to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, James Timothy White (www.jamestimothywhite.com) is one of the world's youngest successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and consultants. He has started several profitable businesses in various fields including lawn care, snow removal, construction, real estate development, advertising and marketing, business coaching, motivational speaking, investment banking, venture capital and more. In fact, he made his first million at the age of 16 with the landscaping company he sold in 2005 and at 25; he also became the world's youngest CEO to have a company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

James Timothy White has also published a variety of books. These books detail how entrepreneurs should protect their assets, how to build and maintain wealth and how to succeed in business. These lessons are shared in a way that just about anyone is able to understand and relate to. Anyone hoping to become successful in business should read his books to have a good outlook on what it takes to be successful in business and finances.

The new news site- www.jamestimothywhite.com - contains an abundance of information on how to become business savvy and other news related topics such as, but not limited to entertainment, travel, small business, markets, and money and entrepreneurship.

James Timothy White born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada also discusses his role as one of Canada's leading motivational speakers. He has spoken publicly in a variety different forums covering topics such as how to increase business morale, promote leadership and increase productivity. In addition, James also provides Motivational speaking to many corporate clients about his experiences as an entrepreneur which helps him give back to the community. In fact, many facets of James Timothy White's life involve sharing information and experiences he has with people. The news site being launched is just another venue through which he can help to provide the information to many amateur and master entrepreneurs, or anyone else, who needs or wants to learn about entrepreneurship.

Another part of James Timothy White's role as an entrepreneur is business coaching. Business coaching is more of a hands-on approach to teaching than motivational speaking. As a business coach, he works to help companies improve efficiency, reduce risk and ultimately increase profitability. With the global economy going through such times of uncertainty, having an entrepreneurial coach who knows how to work from the ground up to make a company an independent success can mean the difference between success and failure. As a coach, James works closely with companies to see where they are now and where they would like to be. He then evaluates current market conditions and standings, effective marketing strategies for the industry, client/customer demographic, corporate structure, product or service quality, employee and HR policies and other contributing factors and works with executives or business owners to create a step-by-step plan to guide the company to its goals.

As a business consultant, James can help companies discover areas where they may be lacking and help to make the necessary modifications. James Timothy White's unique entrepreneurial skills can contribute to the success of companies of all sizes through business consulting, business coaching or motivational speaking, depending on the particular needs of the organization. James can help companies and business ventures that are just getting started or are still in the planning phase. As an entrepreneur himself, he has the know-how and the experience to help just about any willing entrepreneur form the winning business plan. His myriad of experiences as an entrepreneur makes him especially qualified in the area of business development. He can help your business get off on the right foot by building the strong and proven foundation needed to give your business the best possible chance for success. He has built, consulted for, bought and sold several hundred companies throughout Canada, the US and Europe, making him an excellent business partner not only for developing the inner workings of your business, but also for the opportunity to expand your network of contacts and maximize your business's potential for growth.

Visit the new website today to receive a wealth of information about James, business, success, money and money management and to book an engagement or coaching session. Readers will find tips and useful resources on several different aspects of business and finance.

Company Information: Entrepreneur James Timothy White shares his advice, tips and wisdom with the public on his news site, www.jamestimothywhite.com. All of his books and publications are available for purchase, as well as many pieces of artwork that he has completed over the years.

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