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3E Connect Direct Online Media Inc.

May 20, 2009 09:00 ET

Canadian Entrepreneurs Aim to Address Qualified Labour Shortages-CFIB Talk to 3E Connect Direct

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 20, 2009) -

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An innovative new company believes it can rescue Canadian businesses that are being further crippled by skills shortages amidst the economic downturn.

3E Connect Direct (www.3EConnectDirect.com) provides Canadian employers with an unprecedented opportunity to connect directly with talented, international workers when they are unable to source the skills and experience necessary within Canada.

Talking to 3E Connect Direct Co-founder Ken Docherty, CFIB Chief Economist Ted Mallett re-stated the continuing need that Canadian companies have for certain skills and experience. He said, "We're still seeing signs of a qualified labour shortage and some members still find it difficult to locate suitable employees. A shortage of skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled labour is an issue for between 10% and 20% of our members, with a skew toward skilled labour shortages."

Mr Docherty said, "We were influenced by the plight of small-medium sized businesses across Canada who wanted to grow and fulfill existing orders or obligations but were experiencing potentially 'business crippling' skilled labour shortages, as well as the number of immigrants arriving who were unable to find work utilizing the skills and experience that qualified them for residency in the first place."

"Our aim is to provide a self regulating system for funneling 'would be immigrants' into areas and industries that need them most urgently while realising our vision of providing a cost effective international advertising platform for Canadian employers who do not have the budget to launch expensive overseas advertising campaigns. There are no sign-up fees, cancellation fees, finder's fees, immigration consulting fees or recruiting fees or any hidden fees associated with using the service for either the employer or the job seeker. Our system enables the employer to promote their company, opportunity or even their province to attract an international applicant who can help them."

"Canadian employers can post employment classifieds for free and choose from a variety of additional paid services. The job seeker is charged an annual subscription fee of $39.99 to advertise their skills and experience on the site. As part of the paid subscription, they also have access to employment classifieds, custom built career system and all other non-public areas of the site including a searchable Canadian employer and recruiter database of over 110,000 entries, Canadian salary reports and the ability to connect directly with Canadian resume specialists for a free consultation and discounted consulting services."

Mr. Docherty added: "The subscription model for the job seeker was chosen due to its effectiveness at filtering out individuals who are not serious about living and working in Canada or who have not done the necessary research to ascertain whether their skills are considered to be 'in-demand'. By using a subscription-based method of membership and by encouraging pre-registration research, 3E Connect Direct attracts a core group of high quality, committed job seekers focused on a new life in Canada, allowing employers direct access to key skills and experience without having to sort through large volumes of unqualified resumes."

3E Connect Direct will initially focus on attracting talented workers from the United Kingdom, Ireland and France as a result of the Founder's experience of recruiting in Europe.

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