Canadian Agra Corporation

September 08, 2015 17:01 ET

Canadian Farmland Assembly

LONDON, ON--(Marketwired - September 08, 2015) - Canadian Agra Corporation successfully received from a European consortium (the "Consortium") an exclusive engagement to assemble farmland, in Southwestern Ontario. The acquisition would be in three (3) individual blocks, each to be a minimum of 2,500 acres with a combined total of 7,500 acres (the "Farmland Blocks").

The Consortium intends to use the initial Farmland Blocks (2,500 acres each) as a base for their future operation, contracting any and all additional needs required to local farmers through 'Contract Growing'.

The Consortium envisioned an integrated food production process which will be based on Canadian Agra's Integrated Concept™ linking a) 'PRODUCTION' of crops (precision farming), b) 'PROCESSING' environmentally friendly (with state of the art Swiss technology) and c) 'MARKETING/DISTRIBUTION' to specific markets, such as the NAFTA market (the largest sustainable market in the world).

The farmland assembly requirements are as follows:

  • Suitable to grow white beans and soybeans for food production.
  • The three (3) individual blocks of farmland have to be in three separate climate zones
  • Total of 7,500 acres are needed to form the initial farmland base
  • Other additional farmland base operated by sophisticated farmers is needed for 'Contract Growing'

This particular European consortium has a number of participants with extensive knowhow and knowledge in food processing and marketing. The Canada - EU Free Trade Agreement ("CETA") with full access to the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) market was key in attracting the Consortium's industries to Canada. CETA allows European companies to apply their technologies, knowhow and knowledge to a much larger market than in their home territory. It also allows them to import their basic knowhow mix (mostly small volumes) and finish their process in Southwestern Ontario, making their well-established developed European product a Canadian product, qualifying for the NAFTA market.

As soon as the marketing and distribution feasibility studies are completed, the Consortium will make a formal press release and reveal their industries names to the public.

Canadian Agra Corporation is a Canadian federal company, involved for more than 30 years in the business of offering Farmland Sale & Leaseback programs to family farmers and long term farm investments through Farmland Assembly programs to absentee investors. In addition, Canadian Agra Corporation was a leader in the transition from state farms to family farms in various Republics emerging from the former Soviet Union.

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