Canadian Financing Bulletin

Canadian Financing Bulletin

October 29, 2012 10:00 ET

Canadian Financing Bulletin (CFB) Reports CDN $84.1m in Proposed and $978.2m Closed Financings for the Week of October 22-October 26

Torex Gold Resources Inc (TXG.TO) raises $380m in a unit offering led by BMO Capital Markets.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 29, 2012) - The Canadian Financing Bulletin has been a leader in tracking financing activities of Canadian capital markets in the mining, energy and technology sectors for over seven years. Our unparalleled service offers unique insight into small and micro cap stocks, as well as comprehensive comparative reports detailing the worldwide reach of Canadian companies in these sectors. With the listings of active proposed placements, investors and companies that might not otherwise receive analyst coverage are potentially brought together. As well, we offer coverage of activity in the bond market for users to be made aware of lower-risk opportunities.

In this week's report, the CFB published term sheets for 37 new proposed placements from the mining, oil/gas (termed metals and energy in the report) and technology sectors. Of those, 31 were for mining stocks, three for oil/gas stocks, and three for technology stocks, with the total value of new proposals reaching over $84m. Nine of these placements were designated a 'flow through' issuance and there were two new debenture offerings. The largest new public proposal was by St. Elias Mines Ltd (SLI.V), which launched an offering consisting of 100m units at a price of $0.10 (including a warrant of $0.125) in a non-brokered placement.

The CFB published term sheets for 66 placements that were closed during the week. Of these, 50 were for mining stocks, 13 for oil/gas, and three for technology stocks, with the total value of these closings being over $978m. Nine of these placements were designated 'flow through' issuances and one debenture placement closed. The largest public closing was by Torex Gold Resources Inc (TXG.TO) which closed an offering consisting of 190m units at a price of $2 (including a 1/4 warrant of $2.65) for gross proceeds of $380m in a placement led by BMO Capital Markets.

The CFB also tracked six amendments and four overallotments to placements published at the end of the weekly report. To date, there have been 424 weekly reports created by CFB; backdated reports can be obtained by subscribers.

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About the CFB and Blender Media:

The Canadian Financing Bulletin is produced and distributed by Blender Media, an integrated creative agency specializing in both online and print design, development and maintenance. Blender Media's work includes extensive strategies for shareholder communication, intuitive design interfaces and the opportunity to be memorable in a sea of investment possibilities.

Blender Media has the support of over 450 satisfied clients and utilizes investor focused online exposure solutions that help clients stay in touch with their shareholders, including the CFB.

Since CFB began offering its weekly report over seven years ago, it has developed other more wide reaching reports that have now been published. Our quarterly and year-in-review reports provide charts, graphs and other comparative tables that exhibit sophisticated capital market intelligence. The data in these reports has been read by thousands of executives, investment advisors, fund managers, and investors from around the world. CFB has also recently begun offering specialized monthly reports, focusing on individual segments within the sectors CFB covers (i.e., gold, uranium, oil, etc.) To date, there have been 181 reports created by CFB; several of these reports are currently posted on the CFB website.

As one can see, CFB offers an important perspective into Canadian capital markets. These markets play a crucial role in the financing of companies active worldwide in various business sectors, specifically for natural resources exploration and development. Canada maintains a leadership role due to a number of factors:

  • A history of significant natural resources;
  • Efficient and transparent capital markets;
  • Strong backing from the investment community; and
  • Regional clusters of the world's most innovative, organized and aggressive exploration and development personnel, in cities like Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

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