Department of National Defence

Department of National Defence

February 07, 2012 15:32 ET

Canadian Forces Training in Northern Ontario

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 7, 2012) - Canadian Forces members from across Ontario will be training in the vicinity of Cochrane, Kapuskasing and Hearst, Ontario, from February 14 to 26, in order to practice a domestic operation. The exercise will revolve around simulated reports of a large aircraft crash near Mistango Lake, and a smaller crash near Constance Lake.

Approximately 600 regular and reserve force soldiers, including Canadian Rangers, from the greater Toronto area, Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, and Ontario-based air force squadrons will deploy in order to gain a better understanding of operations in a northern environment during the winter months.

Military aircraft from air force squadrons based in Ontario will deliver emergency supplies and rescue personnel, and will evacuate simulated casualties to the Cochrane and Hearst airports for transfer by ground ambulances to local hospitals. No actual aircraft will be crashed as part of the exercise.

"Exercise TRILLIUM RESPONSE 2012 is an important way to practice winter skills under difficult conditions while preparing for domestic operations in the north," said Brig.-Gen. Fred Lewis, Commander JTFC. "The men and women of the Canadian Forces (CF) are ready to assist fellow Canadians with rapid response when needed," he added.

Each year, Joint Task Force (Central) (JTFC), along with its partner government agencies, conducts a major field training exercise in the province of Ontario to test its ability to provide military assistance to civil authorities. Named the TRILLIUM RESPONSE series of exercises, these address a range of scenarios under varying environmental conditions. Exercise TRILLIUM RESPONSE 2012 provides a realistic and challenging scenario for JTFC soldiers by testing JTFC's command and control mechanisms while working in a partnered domestic response.

Canada Command is the CF formation responsible for the conduct of all routine and contingency domestic operations and is the CF operational authority for SAR. JTFC is the Canada Command Regional Joint Task Force responsible for the conduct of all routine and contingency domestic operations in Ontario.

When requested, the CF will provide military assistance to civil authorities in order to protect and defend Canada and to keep Canadians safe. At any one time approximately 10,000 skilled and dedicated regular and reserve force personnel are on high readiness to respond to calls for assistance and are prepared to operate in austere locations across a full range of environments.

The Department of National Defence is the lead agency responsible for the overall effective operation of the coordinated aeronautical and maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) system in Canada, and for the provision of all aeronautical SAR assets in response to both aeronautical and maritime SAR incidents. The CF mandate in response to a major air disaster falls within the primary mandate for aeronautical SAR response and comprises detection, alerting, and search and rescue of survivors of the incident.

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