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March 22, 2011 18:09 ET

Canadian Forest Industry Pledges Support to Japan

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 22, 2011) - The Canadian forest industry today pledged to help Japan deal with the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami which struck that country on March 11, 2011. In a letter to Japanese customers and government officials, 16 forest industry CEOs have pledged to assist both immediate and long-term plans to provide housing for those affected by the disaster.

The letter recognizes the devastation and hardship in Japan and expresses sympathy for a close and long standing trading partner.

In support of the Japanese government's efforts to quickly create temporary housing for tens of thousands of people, the letter promises to prioritize the supply and production of emergency building materials and to collaboratively work with the transportation and shipping industry to get those materials to Japan as quickly as possible.

The Canadian forest industry has also begun talks with the provincial and federal governments to determine what aid can be provided for the long-term task of rebuilding those Japanese communities that were destroyed.

The signatories to the letter of support for Japan are:

Grant McKinnon, Chair BC Wood
Duncan Davies, Interfor 
Lee Doney, Western Forest Products
Tom Jones, Teal Jones Group
Jim Shepard, Canfor
Hank Ketcham, West Fraser
Greg Stewart, Sinclar Industries
Steve Zika, Hampton Affiliates
Rick Huff, Ainsworth Engineered
Glen Wilson, Interex Forest Products Ltd.
Al Thorlakson, Tolko Industries
Anne Giardini, Weyerhaeuser Canada
Rick Jeffery, Coast Forest Products Association
John Allan, Council of Forest Industries 
Barrie Shineton, Norbord Inc.
Ron Gorman, Gorman Brothers Lumber

The full text of the letter is attached to this release.

Letter to Japanese Customers and Government from the Canadian Forest Industry

For the past week, we have all seen unimaginable devastation and hardship in Japan caused by the earthquake and tsunami. This unprecedented disaster affects our Japanese partners, friends and their families. Our hearts reach out to them and we pray for their safety. We extend our deepest sympathies to the people of Japan.

The Canadian forest industry has a long standing close relationship with Japan. As true friends, we pledge to do all we can to help the Japanese people deal with the difficult challenges they face in securing the safety and well being of their people. We understand the Japanese government is quickly mobilizing to build temporary housing for tens of thousands of people. We are committed to working with our Japanese customers to supply the building materials required to meet their immediate need to provide temporary housing for their citizens. The need is urgent and the signatory companies are prioritizing their supply, production and efforts to assist in meeting this need.

We are also working collaboratively with the transportation and shipping industry to get emergency housing materials to Japan as quickly as possible.

We have begun talks with our provincial and federal governments on actions we can take to assist in the longer term rebuilding process. We will be working with our customers, Japanese industry associations and the Japanese government in the near future to determine the best way we can help with the reconstruction.

The tragedy in Japan has sparked tremendous generosity among Canadians. The Canadian forest industry is committed to assisting our Pacific neighbor. We have a deep, strong, enduring relationship and we undertake to do all we can to help Japan in its hour of need.

Yours truly,

Lee Doney, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Western Forest Products
John Allan, President, Council of Forest Industries
Grant McKinnon, Pacific Building Systems, BC Wood Chairman of the Board
R.M. (Rick) Jeffery, President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association
Glen Wilson, President, Interex Forest Products Ltd.
Steve Zika, CEO, Hampton Affiliates
Ron Gorman, CEO, Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Jim Shepard, President & CEO, Canfor Corporation
Hank Ketcham, Chairman, President & CEO, West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.
Anne Giardini, President, Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Tom Jones, President, Teal Jones Group
John Allan on behalf of Greg Stewart, President, Sinclar Enterprises Ltd.
Duncan Davies, President & CEO, International Forest Products Ltd.
Barrie Shineton, CEO, Norbord Inc.
Richard Huff, President & CEO, Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd.
Al Thorlakson, Executive Chairman, Tolko Industries Ltd.

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