180 Smoke LLC

180 Smoke LLC

April 24, 2014 06:00 ET

Canadian Heart Surgeon Releases a Free Open-Source 3D Printable Electronic Hookah/Shisha Converter

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 24, 2014) -

Editors Note: There is a photo and a video associated with this press release.

180 Smoke, a crowd-sourced Canadian electronic cigarette company, announced today the release of a free 3D printable adapter that allows users to convert a traditional hookah/shisha into a cleaner electronic version. The adapter is placed on top of a hookah, replacing the ceramic bowl, and allows for the insertion of standard electronic cigarettes. 180 Smoke is the first company to conceive this type of adapter.

"Hookahs play a significant role in more than 100 million daily smokers worldwide who are largely oblivious to the fact that a 1-hour hookah session produces almost as much smoke volume as 200 cigarettes," said Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar, a leading North American heart surgeon and 180 Smoke's co-founder. "The adapter that we've invented allows them to still engage in this social practice, but without the combustion, tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of other chemicals. It's a product born out of both innovation and health advocacy. We believe it will help hookah smokers reduce the harm by almost 99%."

To raise awareness of traditional hookah smoking harms and in keeping with the company's mission to being socially conscious, the adapter is being offered open source as a free download for personal use worldwide under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 International License.

The adapter works by connecting a traditional hookah with any automatic e-cigarette, even disposables, which are inexpensive and are readily available in most corner stores.

"By sharing this innovation and tackling myths about water filtration, herbal hookah safety, and other widespread misinformation, we strive to equip smokers with the tools, resources and information they need to make better choices," said Dr. Bhatnagar.

For more information, video and hookah smoking facts: www.180smoke.ca/info/open-source-3d-printable-electronic-shisha-hookah-adapter.

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