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October 31, 2016 10:00 ET

Canadian Immigration Lawyer Looks at How Foreign Students Can Transition to Canadian Citizens

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - October 31, 2016) - Canadian immigration lawyer provides tips for visiting students seeking permanent residence

Sas & Ing, an Immigration Law Centre located in Vancouver, provides advice and assistance to people seeking temporary entry and permanent residence in Canada. Their latest article, filled with tips for visiting students who hope to gain permanent residency, was recently featured in the Asian Pacific Post. For more information, go to:

With over 120,000 students visiting Canada each year, individual goals are often as diverse as the students themselves. While some come for life experience, travel, or language skills, there are those who hope to eventually call Canada their home. However, as a Canadian Visa Lawyer, Catherine Sas advises that this takes consideration and planning.

Not all schools are equal. It is important to know whether a program of study will entitle the student to obtain a postgraduate work permit after graduation. In order to qualify for a study permit, the school needs to be a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). This means most private language schools and colleges don't apply.

Students hoping to work and live in Canada must familiarize themselves with the post-graduate work permit process. Obtaining work experience after graduation is essential for eligibility to become a permanent resident under Canada's Express Entry system. It's generally best to enroll in a bachelor's degree or college diploma, which entitles students to work for 3 years post graduation.

The article also contains other helpful advice, such as studying English or French in advance to meet the minimum language proficiency standards at Canadian colleges and universities. Additionally, it advises that visiting students are now entitled to work 20 hours per week while attending school-a great way to build language skills and learn about Canadian society.

Although studying in Canada no longer provides automatic eligibility to apply for permanent residency, this is still a great way to obtain work experience, build language skills, and learn about Canadian culture, all of which are beneficial when applying for permanent residence down the road.

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