Pro-Or Mining Resources Inc.

Pro-Or Mining Resources Inc.

March 06, 2012 04:00 ET

Canadian Patent awarded - 3rd phase of the mass balance under implementation


MONTREAL, March 6, 2012 - PRO-OR (TSXV: POI) wishes to announce that the Canadian intellectual property Office (CIPO), a special operating agency of Industry Canada responsible for the protection of intellectual property, has issued Pro-Or a patent for an innovative technological process for the recovery of platinum group elements (PGE) from ore and / or concentrate PGE-rich.

We can now confirm that all our "pending patents" has now received official patent recognition.

The patent will give Pro-Or the rights to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout Canada or importing the invention into Canada. The invention being a process, it also gives Pro-Or the same rights for the products (PGM) made with the process.

The advantage of the process lies in the absence of important flotation infrastructure, of energy-intensive smelting and autoclave as used in the metallurgical industry. The process converts raw materials into highly soluble chlorinated complex into a weakly acidic solution with a low energy intake. The process uses industry standard equipments and chemicals readily available for the reaction. The complete industrial process comprises steps by which the majority of reagents used can be recycled, reused and / or sold. The method includes steps to ensure the removal and safe disposal of residues.

Third phase of the mass balance:

Following research carried out in phases 1 and 2, Pro-Or and CIR Laboratory will apply to the entire process the best data results collected for the final phase. Pro-Or will use the new parameters to execute Phase 3 of the mass balance and will focus specifically on the variables to control the reactor. Through the work of phase 1 and 2, we master all chemical reactions, materials physical properties and various chemical compounds.

To execute the final phase, scientists will perform all tasks sequentially at the rate required by the new criteria for measuring PGE at each stage. We also began shipments of finished products to the refiner.

At the end of phase three (3), we expect a superior overall performance of the process and an improved recovery rate. Our increased knowledge of the peculiarities of the process allows us to ensure repeatability of the treatment.

Next Step:

Pro-or continues to develop the plan to operate the reactor 24 hours a day for several weeks. We currently have an on hand inventory of over 800 kg of catalytic converters. We also purchased an additional 1,000 Kg which will allow us to guarantee the supply of catalytic converters to continue our work.

About the Pro-Or technology

Founded in 1986, Pro-Or is involved in the development of technologies and owns two patents since 2000. They were developed in collaboration with the INRS (National Institute for Scientific Research). Investment in R & D totaled more than $4M for 6 years to develop and patent the technological process for recovering PGE from ores and concentrates rich in PGE mainly by recycling automobile catalytic converters. This environmentally friendly process requires a small amount of energy to recover PGE compared to current conventional smelting processes. This process is very impressive and has the potential to transform current practices of the PGE industry worldwide. At today's value, the content of precious metals in a ton of ceramic (CC) may exceed $ 100 000 per ton.

Current prices per troy ounce today for the PGM are in the table below:

New-York market March 2, 2012 (US $/ oz troy)

Pt (platinum) Pd (palladium) Rh (rhodium)
$1 705 $712 $1 525

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