September 11, 2008 11:18 ET

Canadian Trading and Quotation System Inc.-Symbol Changes-Multiple Securities

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 11, 2008) -

CNQ Bulletin 2008-0904

CNQ is adopting a trading symbol format based on a root symbol of up to 3 characters plus extensions. Assignment of symbols will be coordinated between Canadian stock exchanges to ensure symbols are not in use, reserved or restricted. Symbols for all securities currently listed on CNQ will be changed to reflect the new format, beginning on Tuesday, September 16 with Orca Power Corp. The next symbol changes will be effective for trading on Friday, September 19, 2008.

Note: These are symbol changes only.

The Effective Date for the following 37 symbol changes is Friday, September 19, 2008

Security Current Symbol New Symbol
Aerocast Inc. AERO A
Alliance Mining Corp AMCL ALM
American Insulock Inc AIKI.U INS.U
Armada Mercantile Ltd. AARM ARM
Avanti Mining Inc. AVMI AVT
Bird River Mines Inc. BRMI BDR
Canadian International Minerals Inc. CIMI CIN
Cayenne Gold Mines ltd. CAYN CYN
CIC Mining Resources ltd. CICR RRR
Cuervo Resources Inc. IRON FE
Covenant Resources Ltd. CVRL CVA
Dynamic Resources Ltd. DYRF DYR
Excalibur Resources Ltd. EXBR XBR
Gamecorp Ltd. GAME GGG
Glenbriar Technologies Inc. GBRT GTI
Great Bear Uranium Corp. GTBR GBR
HiHo Silver Resources Inc. HIHO HHS
Hy Lake Gold Inc. HYLK HYL
McLaren Resources Inc. MCLN MCL
Mantis Minerals Corp MINE MYN
Minerva Minerals Ltd MINL MIL
Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. NVGL NVG
Nexia Biotechnologies Ltd. NXBL NBL
Petrol One Corp. PONE POV
Petroworth Resources Inc. PTWR PTW
Range Gold Corp RGCC RGU
Range Metals Inc RMIC RGO
Redzone Resources Ltd. REDZ REZ
Revolution Technologies Inc. RVLT RVL
Sunorca Development Corp. SUNO SUN
Talmora Diamond Inc. TALM TAI
Thunderbird Resorts Inc. BIRD.U TBI.U
Trevali Resources Corp. ZINC TV
TrustMark Auto Group Inc. AUTO TAF
Valterra Resource Corp VALT VTA
Vital Resources Corp VITL VTL
Warwick Communications Inc. WARK EAD

Note: ".U" denotes trading in U.S. Currency.

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