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April 21, 2016 20:42 ET

Canadian Trampoline Manufacturer Advocates Round Trampolines

Canadian Trampoline Manufacturer Says Round Trampolines Offer a Better, Larger, Safer Jumping Area for Backyard Family Use

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - April 21, 2016) - Vikan Trampolines, a Canadian trampoline manufacturer, builds in all the classic shapes: circular, octagon, and rectangular. However, if you ask them what shape they recommend, it's round trampolines every time. They explain their preference on a page recently published on the company website. For more, go to:

"The Vikan perfectly round design provides a better, larger, and safer jumping area for backyard family use," says a company representative. "Our 14ft trampoline diameter gives the bouncer more space, length, width, square footage, and jumping area. By any measurement it provides a bigger, safer space compared to typical rectangular trampolines."

Vikan's equally-spaced springs and perfectly round trampoline frame allows for uniform spring stretch and frame stress, resulting in a smooth, comfortable bounce with a natural tendency to work the jumper toward the center of the mat.

Part of the reason for Vikan's superiority is their meticulously crafted jumping mats. Made in the USA, these heavy duty polypropylene fabrics use a thicker, more open weave than the competition. This allows for more air flow and less air resistance, translating into to a superior, softer, smoother bounce, which allows jumpers better control and performance.

"We also add a textured finish that minimizes slipping -- they're not even slippery when wet. Finally, the open weave means more sunlight gets through, so the grass really is greener under a Vikan trampoline!"

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