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January 15, 2016 16:18 ET

Canadian Trampoline Manufacturer, Vikan Trampolines Says Trampolines Make a Great Alternative Workout for Adults

Canadian Trampoline Manufacturer Vikan Trampolines Company Suggests Trampolines Are a Healthy Gift Alternative for Anytime

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - January 15, 2016) -  Trampolines are good fun for people of any age. As a way of keeping fit and healthy, they function as a fun pastime for kids and a great workout alternative for adults. For more information, go to:

It's a trend that's popular with people of all ages," says a representative at Vikan Trampolines, who adds that they are seeing increased interest from adults looking for a more enjoyable fitness activity.

"One of the best benefits of using a trampoline is that it works the core-it works areas people don't even know they have. It's considered a fun activity, but there are some very positive health benefits, including a greater sense of well being."

Trampoline classes are taking of as a new health trend in the UK. Because trampolining doesn't put pressure on the joints, it can also be a beneficial exercise for people who suffer from joint pain and want to build up bone density.

Vikan Trampolines are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They can be purchased with enclosures for safety and come in three shapes (circle, rectangle, and octagon), so you can choose what best fits your space.

"Trampolines make a great gift for any occasion, because when you're on one you get this great feeling on nostalgia and freedom. For a few minutes, you get to feel like a kid again while enjoying a productive workout. It's one of those rare gifts that are actually both fun and functional."

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