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STAPLES Business Depot

March 11, 2008 14:59 ET

Canadians are Bored of the Job Hunt, Poll Shows

STAPLES Business Depot answers the call with, an interactive website that will revolutionize online recruiting

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 11, 2008) - Job searching is frustrating, boring and takes more time than it should, according to a new poll commissioned by STAPLES Business Depot, Canada's leader in office supplies. The poll coincides with the launch of, an interactive web site designed to appeal to young Canadians and revolutionize the way Canadian businesses attract and recruit top-tier employees. The online virtual village, designed by LoveBird Agency, launches today. offers jobseekers a wealth of information on the company as well as tips on the retail job market. Visitors can choose from over 20 customized personas - or avatars - who take them through various interactive locations, including a community centre, where they can learn about STAPLES Business Depot's corporate social responsibility initiatives, and the Perks Cafe, where a virtual barista will brief them on the benefits of working at STAPLES Business Depot. The site sets a new standard for online recruiting and challenges misconceptions about retail jobs.

"Too many young people think of retail as a place to work for a short time until something else comes along. We're working hard to change that perception - and is a big part of that," said Alan Ward, Vice President, Human Resources. "We want to attract enthusiastic people and we want to help them recognize that a career in retail does not have to be short lived."

The Internet has become the most important tool for job searching, especially among young Canadians. A full 91 per cent of Canadians use the Internet for job searching, compared with 87 per cent who use newspapers, according to a new poll commissioned by STAPLES Business Depot. In addition, 91 per cent of Canadians say job searching is frustrating, while 74 per cent say it takes longer than it should and 58 per cent say it can be boring.

"One thing we realized early on in this process is that every other retail recruiting site looks pretty much the same. There are pictures of employees with phony grins but not much interesting content," Ward said. " is completely different from anything that's come before. There is so much to explore and interact with. What other company provides an online fortune teller to help job seekers identify the position they are best suited for?" is inspired by Cinema Verde, animation and silent movies. The content-rich site designed to entertain and educate job seekers, who will leave the virtual town with a deeper appreciation for retail as a career, and keep coming back for the tools and insights that will help them find a retail job targeted to their own strengths and interests. The site provides more than 50 job descriptions and postings for open positions across the country.

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