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The Nielsen Company

June 23, 2008 14:00 ET

Canadians Are in the Market for Healthier Foods: Nielsen


MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 23, 2008) - Canadian consumers are paying attention to how their foods are grown and the ingredients they contain, and are making a concerted effort to choose products that support a healthy lifestyle, according to insights from The Nielsen Company's Health & Wellness studies.

The four unique reports, based on consumer and retail data collected in 2007, offer insights into consumer's attitudes towards their product choices, such as:

- One third of Canadian households (32%) report trying to incorporate Omega 3 into their diets. Sales for dairy products with Omega 3 claim were up 10% from the previous year.

- Seven in ten Canadian households are aware of Probiotic Active Culture. New families and young singles have the highest awareness levels for its benefits.

- Close to one-half of Canadian households (45%) look at product labels for sugar.

- More than half of Canadian households (60%) have purchased an organic product within the past year. The top factor cited for purchasing organic foods and beverages is "being free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers."

- Salt/sodium is among the top types of food Canadians are trying to reduce in their diets (following fat and sugar). In 2007, all regions in Canada experienced significant growth in both dollar and unit sales of sodium claim products vs. 2006.

Overall, the message is clear - Canadians are reading labels and seeking to buy food and beverage items that support their general health.

"Taken as a group, the Health & Wellness studies tell a compelling story about the commitment Canadian consumers have to making healthier food choices for themselves and their families," says Dave Mann, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales, The Nielsen Company. "These insights illustrate to food and beverage manufacturers and retailers that consumers want availability, innovation and will sometimes even pay more to support healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle."

About the Nielsen Health & Wellness Series

Published by The Nielsen Company of Canada, the Health & Wellness series encompasses consumer insights from PanelTrack, Spectra and Homescan as well as retail tracking data sourced from scanning within MarketTrack™. This results in an unparalleled overview of these important health and wellness trends. The four reports are:

- The Omega 3 & Probiotic Insights Report

- The Organic Insights Report

- The Sugar Claim Insights Report

- The Sodium Claim Insights Report

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