May 11, 2015 09:31 ET

Canadians Prefer Hangovers, Moving, and the Dentist to Retail Mattress Shopping: Poll Uncovers National Aversion to In-Store Experience

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 11, 2015) - Casper, a startup reimagining the 20 billion dollar sleep industry with an outrageously comfortable mattress sold directly to consumers, thinks it's time to change the way Canadians shop for mattresses. To shine a light on the outdated concept, Casper polled Canadians coast to coast and found overwhelming frustration in the traditional mattress retail store experience.

Key findings of the poll:

1) Canadians feel ripped off at retail mattress stores.

  • When asked directly if they feel '"ripped off" at retail mattress stores, a whopping 64.3% of respondents said "yes."
  • 79.0% of Canadians polled also think that mattresses sold at major retailers are "too expensive."
  • When asked what the biggest rip-off is at a retail mattress store:
    • 36.2% said prices were "too expensive."
    • 21.9% responded "salespeople pushing a specific model."
    • 20.1% cited confusion over similar models of mattress.
    • 11.0% felt ripped-off by the "bait and switch" over sale items.

2) Canadians will go to great lengths to avoid traditional retail mattress shopping.

  • Canadian consumer behavior supports a national aversion to retail mattress shopping.
    • 35.4% of Canadians admit to having no idea how old their mattress is!
    • 22.8% admit to purchasing a new mattress every 5-10 years.
    • 18.4% purchase a new mattress after 10 years.
  • When asked what they would rather spend a weekend doing than retail mattress shopping:
    • 31.9% would prefer to nurse a hangover.
    • 28.4% would rather move boxes.
    • 23.6% would prefer to go to the dentist.
    • Only 8.1% admit they would choose to mattress shop.

3) Canadians do not actually enjoy an in-store mattress test drive.

  • When asked what factors made them most confident in their mattress purchase, only 22.2% felt testing mattresses in a retail store was helpful, and only 4.8% valued the retail salesperson's opinion.
  • Canadians said they would be most confident in their mattress purchase if they were allowed to try it in their own home for 100 days (41.1%). Easy returns (free pickup and full refund) scored second at 30.8%.

4) Salespeople are not helping.

  • Asked what they dislike the most about the retail mattress experience, 27.9% of Canadians cite "negotiating with greedy salespeople."
  • Adding to Canadians' frustration with retail mattress salespeople, many have experienced high-pressure sales tactics and lines such as:
    • "I have that mattress at home." (42.2%)
    • "It's perfect for side/back/front sleepers." (33.3%)
    • "You're in luck, because there's a secret sale." (26.1%)
    • "The margins are so thin, it's a steal." (19.6%)

"After decades of manipulative, high pressure, commission-driven sales tactics in retail mattress stores, consumers deserve a better experience," said Philip Krim, CEO and cofounder of Casper. "As our polling shows, Canadians are clearly looking for a better way to buy a premium mattress, risk-free, without unnecessary complications and expenses."

The Casper (priced $650 - $1150 CAD), is a singular, universally comfortable mattress designed that unites memory and latex foams. The bed sleeps cool, promotes proper anatomic support, and provides healthy bounce. It ships free via 2-Day Air to Canada in a mini-fridge sized box, and is backed by a 100 day in home trial period and 10 year warranty.

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Casper ( is an award-winning sleep startup that launched with an outrageously comfortable mattress sold directly to consumers - eliminating commission driven, inflated prices. The critically acclaimed sleep surface was developed in-house by a team of product engineers with experience from IDEO, has a sleek design, and is delivered right to your door in a small, "how did they do that?" sized box.

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