Canadians United for Representative Democracy

June 12, 2007 17:32 ET

Canadians United for Representative Democracy (CURD) founded

Group intends to make Canada safe for representative democracy -

Attention: Assignment Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor EDMONTON, ALBERTA, MEDIA ADVISORY--(Marketwire - June 12, 2007) - A group of concerned Canadians came together today to found Canadians United for Representative Democracy (CURD), a political advocacy and public education group devoted to making Canada safe for representative democracy.

CURD believes that representative democracy in Canada is under threat from a political culture that treats policy making as being of secondary importance to political competition and from a system of party discipline that is among the most rigid in the democratic world.

"The sorry state of representative democracy in Canada breeds cynicism and apathy among Canadians, which in turn discourages them from intervening to rescue their democracy," says Steve Smith, CURD co-founder.

CURD's activities will include
* urging Canadians to vote more responsibly and on the basis of local candidate,
* asking candidates for office to commit to refraining from hyper-partisan language, to refuse to submit to any party discipline that compromises the representation of their constituents, and to encourage dialogue with their constituents,
* issuing "report cards" of MPs, grading them on their commitment to placing the representation of their constituents over competitive politics, and
* taking positions on public policy issues that it views to be fundamental to the nature of representative democracy, including Ontario's October 10 referendum on proportional representation, in which CURD is urging a negative vote. /For further information: IN: POLITICS

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