June 26, 2009 14:48 ET

CANARIE Strengthens its Board of Directors With Canadian Industry and Research Leaders at the Frontiers of Science, Technology and Innovation

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 26, 2009) - CANARIE, Canada's advanced research and innovation network, today announced the 2009-2010 Board of Directors-accomplished Canadian industry and university executives who will advise the corporation as it embarks on the development of a new strategic plan.

Drawing on 20 years of entrepreneurial leadership, Jim Roche, President & CEO of Stratford Managers Corporation, will serve as Chair of the Board of Directors. Jim brings extensive industry and technology development experience to CANARIE as the former President and CEO of Tundra Semiconductor, and founding member of Newbridge Networks. He will provide critical guidance as the corporation explores its future mandate and opportunities to bolster Canada's global leadership in advanced networking and related innovation.

Leveraging three decades of research leadership at one of Canada's most research-intensive universities, Dr. Denis Therien, Vice Principal (Research and International Relations) of McGill University, is appointed Vice Chair of the Board. The James McGill Chair, former Professor and Director of the School of Computer Science will build on his longstanding commitment to international research and interdisciplinary collaboration to help CANARIE continually increase the value it provides to over 50,000 scientists across Canada.

CANARIE also broadened the industry expertise of the Board, electing two new Directors from the Information and Communications Technology sector: Pat Calhoun, Chief Technology Officer, Access Network and Services Business Group, Cisco Systems; and Grant Farmer, Senior Director, Solution Management, Bell Canada, and newly appointed Secretary/Treasurer of CANARIE.

"It is a privilege to work with a dynamic organization that enables scientists to exploit advanced networking capability and technologies in data-driven research, and apply the results in ways that will benefit Canadians," said Jim Roche, President and CEO of Stratford Managers, and Chair of CANARIE. "As we undertake the development of our strategic plan, we will aim to further strengthen CANARIE's contribution to big science, fundamental and applied research, and increase Canada's international competitiveness in advanced networking innovation."

"CANARIE enables researchers to access scientific expertise and resources across Canada and around the world, enabling them conduct world-class interdisciplinary research in areas such as broadband optical and wireless systems, neurology, multimedia, and infectious diseases," said Dr. Denis Therien, Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) of McGill University and Vice-Chair of CANARIE. "I am proud to contribute to an organization that stimulates discovery, while leveraging our national innovation investments."

"We look forward to drawing on the knowledge and guidance of our Directors as we evolve CANARIE's advanced networking capacity and programs to address Canada's Science and Technology objectives," said Guy Bujold, President and CEO of CANARIE Inc. "As we conclude this year, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our outgoing members and our Past Chair, Dr. Mark Whitmore, Professor and Dean of Science, University of Manitoba, for his leadership and commitment to CANARIE these many years and look forward to his continued support."

The CANARIE Board of Directors is composed of 12 leaders, with equal representation from Canadian industry and academic or research institutions (such as universities or government organizations). The 2009-2010 Board of Directors was announced at CANARIE's 17th Annual General Meeting on June 22, 2009 in Ottawa, Ontario.


CANARIE is Canada's advanced research and innovation network. Established in 1993, the non-profit corporation serves over 50,000 researchers at almost 200 Canadian universities and colleges, government labs, research institutes, hospitals and other private and public sector organizations, and connects them to innovators around the corner, across the country and around the world. With major funding from the Government of Canada, CANARIE provides advanced networking capability that enables scientists to manage, analyze and exchange very large volumes of data, leading to ground-breaking discoveries. It also enables researchers and their partners to develop new tools that harness the power of the network; for example, using technologies to reduce carbon emissions and help slow the rate of climate change. The application of these research results leads to innovation that delivers economic, social, and cultural benefits to Canadians. For additional information, please visit:

Backgrounder: CANARIE Board of Directors, 2009-2010


- Chair: Mr. Jim Roche, President & CEO, Stratford Managers Corporation

- Vice Chair: Dr. Denis Therien, Vice Principal of Research and International Relations, McGill University

- Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. Grant Farmer, Senior Director, Solutions Management, Bell Canada

Returning Directors:

- Dr. Rick Bunt, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President Information and Communications Technology, University of Saskatchewan

- Mr. Kim Devooght, Vice President, Public Sector, IBM Canada

- Dr. Christopher Loomis, Vice President (Academic) Pro Tempore, Memorial University of Newfoundland

- Mr. Michael Sims, Acting Director for Education, Research and Health Care for Canada, Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc.

- Dr. Lynn Sutherland, Vice President, Operations, VrSTORM Inc.

- Mr. Michel Vanier, CEO, Reseau d'informations scientifiques du Quebec (RISQ)

- Dr. Mark Whitmore, Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Manitoba (Past Chair)

- Mr. Rodney Wilson, Director, Strategic Technologies Research, Nortel Networks

Newly elected Directors:

- Mr. Pat Calhoun, Chief Technology Officer, Access Network and Services Business Group, Cisco Systems

- Mr. Grant Farmer, Senior Director, Solutions Management, Bell Canada

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