SOURCE: Bret Baldwin for Congress

Bret Baldwin for Congress

October 24, 2012 11:13 ET

Candidate Encourages Voters to Declare Independence From Political Party Agendas

VICTORIA, TEXAS--(Marketwire - Oct 24, 2012) - In order to accomplish anything in government, Texans need to declare their independence in this election from political party agendas and endless partisan bickering.

That's the challenge being given by Bret Baldwin, an independent candidate running in the 27th US Congressional District in Texas.

"Too many politicians feel more loyalty to their party agendas than to the voters to whom they represent," he said. "For example, both of my opponents from the two major parties have skipped several significant of public forums in the district."

This conflict of loyalty exists because national political organizations wield vast resources during election cycles, and too many people just vote along party lines rather than taking the time to seriously research the candidates, Baldwin said.

"I want voters to join with me this election year in declaring independence from party agendas and send a message to Washington that we've had enough party politics," Baldwin said. "Voting for an independent isn't throwing your vote away, it's voting against a machine that is more interested in winning an argument than in getting things done that benefit constituents."

Baldwin spent more than 20 years working in international business with a focus on developing a presence for American firms in Europe and Asia. He has also worked extensively with American small businesses to help them grow and expand.

Baldwin decided to run as an independent to be able to do things in Washington D.C., which none of the other candidates can do. A true independent in congress could significantly alter the current voting gridlock.

"An independent can be a peacemaker who could reach across the aisle with no threat of retribution from the party hierarchy. He could form the coalitions necessary to make government work again," Baldwin said. "In my career in international business, I managed to get capitalists and communists to sit around a table and agree to do things that benefited everyone. I should be able to get Democrats and Republicans to sit down, talk and develop mutually beneficial solutions."

Real solutions to pressing issues will require ideas from both sides of the aisle, he said. As an example, he pointed to energy policy.

"One side says that if we drill here, all our problems will be solved. The other side says alternative energy will power us into the future," Baldwin said. "The truth is we need more than what either side says is the solution."

True energy independence will require a reduction in regulations that prevent companies from profitably exploring for natural gas and building more natural gas fired power plants. It will require using the power of government to incentivize the creation of better energy storage technology so renewable energy sources like solar and wind can still be viable on days when it isn't windy or sunny. The solution also involves tapping geothermal sources and helping alternative energy reach a level where it is profitable in the marketplace without throwing taxpayer money at it.

"My energy policy takes ideas from both sides of the political spectrum and creates a practical solution that will work rather than crafting solutions that appeal to a party ideology," Baldwin said.

"This election is far more important than loyalty to 'R' or 'D.' I'm inviting voters to stand with me to send a message to Washington that we want true leadership and old-fashioned statesmanship rather than the status quo of party politics we've endured for far too long."

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