Canica Design Inc.

Canica Design Inc.

April 23, 2009 09:30 ET

Canica Design Inc: Small-town Ontario Company Shows the Way for Economic Growth Through Innovation

Leonard Lee's Canica Design announces general availability of SutureSafe for keeping wounds closed and helping restore normal life

ALMONTE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 23, 2009) - Attention to Health Editors & Reporters

Canica Design announces general consumer availability of SutureSafe Dynamic Wound Stabilization strips through the Lee Valley Tools network of stores across Canada.

SutureSafe may look like a standard adhesive strip, but the innovative use of technology at the center of it makes SutureSafe different, and more effective; significantly enhancing after-surgery recovery. It is used to close small cuts and to keep stapled, sutured or glued surgical incisions closed as they heal. The secret is the combination of elastic and non-elastic center films that work together to protect cuts and incisions after surgery. SutureSafe removes tension from the wound so that patients can move without the worry of sharp pain or their wound coming apart, improving mobility and even allowing showering. It restores a normal lifestyle during recovery.

SutureSafe (patent pending) is fully Health Canada and FDA (USA) compliant for consumers. Made available through extensive clinical research and product development at Canica, SutureSafe was initially intended for use in hospitals and clinics; Canica is expanding availability to consumers directly so that patients everywhere can benefit.

In these times when Canada is experiencing an unprecedented stress on its economy, the only way to maintain growth is through constant innovation.

Canica, headed by Leonard Lee, the founder of Lee Valley Tools, is designing and manufacturing innovative medical devices ranging from surgical instruments to systems for solving intractable wound closure challenges using its patented technology.

"Canica uses the same approach that Lee Valley Tools has used to thrive in multiple recessions since 1978, continuously investing in research and product development, learning from our customers, and not being afraid to try something different", states Mr. Lee, of his latest entrepreneurial venture.

While SutureSafe is directed at patients recovering from surgery with a surgical wound that is glued, stapled or sutured, it is also an ideal addition to a first aid kit for closing small cuts.

With traditional after-surgery treatments, patients are often unable to live as normal a life as possible after surgery due to concerns of pain, or reopening of the wound. Traditional products may keep wounds clean, but fail to remove tension from the healing wound, resulting in restricted mobility and concerns with showering for fear of the wound reopening. SutureSafe is the only product that actively removes tension from the healing incision, resulting in reduced pain and preventing the incision from separating, even while taking a shower.

"Canica's wound closure systems are routinely used in hospitals to close large wounds, saving the healthcare system significant amounts of money and more importantly, improving the quality of life for patients. SutureSafe is a natural extension of this system and we are very pleased that it is now generally available for the first time ever, to help consumers faced with consequences of surgery and wounds," adds Mr. Lee.

First time customers describe SutureSafe as providing instant relief from the painful pulling on closed surgical incisions or cuts. "I applied SutureSafe to protect my wound from potentially coming apart and in doing so, I discovered that SutureSafe really helped me get moving with no discomfort, and with no pain. I didn't even feel them," notes Jim Phillips who used SutureSafe after hernia repair surgery. "Once I began to use SutureSafe at home after my surgery, my incision did not prevent me from taking showers. And removing SutureSafe was a piece of cake compared to other surgical tapes. There was no pain at all."

SutureSafe is available in 2 sizes and is one of Canica's full line of unique, tested and patented wound treatment products. Consumers can purchase this innovative product through Lee Valley Tools, in Canada by calling 1-800-267-8767, in the USA by calling 1-800-871-8158, or by visiting Hospitals, clinics and first-responders can contact Canica Design directly at 1-800-705-8312 for the name of a local distributor.

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