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May 02, 2011 18:00 ET

Cannonball Run Rat Race

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - May 2, 2011) -

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Cannonball World Events

Cannonball World Event's Managing Director, Tim Porter, will be in Sydney at 9am on the 20th of April and will be touring Australia promoting the event until the 11th of May. Tim will be available to answer any questions regarding the forthcoming Cannonball Run Rat Race and is contactable on 800-424-496 or 0488 486 104.

The dawn of a new era…

The 19th of February, 2012 will announce the birth of an all new Cannonball Run event to hit Australia…The Cannonball Run Rat Race.

The infamous car rally 'The Cannonball Run' meets 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' head on in a 3000 kilometre madcap full - on road rally, in a quest to win a brief case crammed with cash which is hidden in a secret location.

No engraved cups to win, no big speeches, no pat on the back… just good old Australian Dollars. A LOT OF AUSSIE DOLLARS!

In February 2012, Brisbane will be rudely awakened to the sound of engines revving and the smell of high octane fuel as cars and competitors gather for the very first Australian Cannonball Run Rat Race event.

It's a totally fun – filled, exciting, yet simple idea. Use your brains and your driving brawn to follow the clues, outwit your fellow competitors and find a hidden suitcase full of stashed cash. Only problem is… it's 3000 kilometres away from where you start. The Rat Raceis The Cannonball Run with serious financial attitude. It's all about brainpower, navigation and the desire to win the mountain of money.

Drivers will be given a key to a hidden locker which is just their first clue. Where is the locker? and how to do they get there to grab the money first?

Their task is to then crack the code given out at each morning's check point and collect the five numeric codes which will then match up to a post code. The sixth clue will release the actual address of that post code and where the hidden locker holding the cash prize actually is. Simple, yet tantalisingly brilliant. It's an event super - loaded with fun and has the potential for complete chaos and mayhem as the cars and competitors make their way down Australia in search of the money.

The trick is, don't get arrested by the cops, don't speed, don't get lost, don't upset the local natives and amidst all of this, beat off the competition to reach the cash first. Not easy.

That's the painless part. They'll also need to survive a barrage of infamous full on Cannonball parties. A challenge in itself. Each night will see the 'Cannonball Cash Seekers' stay at a luxury hotel where the legendary cannonball parties take place. This isn't picnic time. The food is delicious, and the accommodation sumptuous. It's all about reaching out with your ability to 'get down and wild' with the other competitors. It's all about having fun, letting off steam and bonding.

And there's also a gut- churning track day to be enjoyed at one of Australia's premier race tracks. Rats on a track. Now that's a first!

It's an Australian TV 'caper movie' in the making.

Can the drivers crack the code, get there in one piece and grab the cash?
Let the fun begin….

Entries are strictly limited to 60 cars for the 2012 event and drivers can enter on line from the events website

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