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September 20, 2011 09:00 ET

Canoe Financial Hosts First CEO Series Conference

-Canadian industry leaders provide in-depth insights on investing in Canada-

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Sept. 20, 2011) -


Canoe Financial LP held its first CEO Series Conference on September 15 and 16, 2011 in Calgary.

The conference was hosted by W. Brett Wilson, Chairman, and Nevin Markwart, President and CEO, Canoe Financial and attended by select investment advisors from across the country. The event included a keynote address by Robert Haber, Portfolio Manager to Canoe Financial and featured leading, Calgary-based CEOs. Representing several different industries, these business leaders provided an in-depth look at their respective sectors' current challenges and future opportunities, as well as their views on the benefits of investing in Canada.

The inaugural event was attended by His Worship, Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary.

"I really enjoyed participating in the CEO Series," said Scott Saxberg, President & CEO, Crescent Point Energy Corp. "The room was filled with great people, great energy."

"The Canoe Financial CEO Series was a well-executed event," commented Janet Weiss, AVP, Investor Relations, Canadian Pacific. "It provided an excellent opportunity for CP to discuss our plans for growth and productivity with a knowledgeable, engaged audience. It is an event we would most certainly participate in again."

A major theme that emerged from the CEO presentations was that the combination of great talent and capital available in Canada equals significant growth opportunities. This theme supports Canoe Financial's investment thesis which is that global demand for material goods continues to grow as the majority of the world's population now lives in cities. This global urbanization is accelerating and leads to higher incomes, higher consumption and higher standard of living expectations in developing nations. Canada is the primary source of the raw materials that generate the vital goods and materials essential for global growth and its businesses stand to reap the benefits from this increased demand.

Keynote speaker Robert Haber also provided his macro view of why to invest in Canada, and the case for investing in equities. The main themes included:

  • China, Brazil and India are entering an "acceleration" phase of industrialization;
  • Global urban population growth is expected to climb significantly;
  • Increasing urban populations and incomes means greater demand for commodities to fuel growth;
  • Canada is the primary source of these necessary commodities and raw materials and offers investors the ability to participate in growth in the developing world while remaining protected within Canada's solid fiscal structure and low inflation environment.

"If you combine the expected growth in the developing world with low interest rates, it's a classically bullish scenario," commented Mr. Haber. "And more than fifty percent of investible energy securities are here in resource-rich Canada."

The event also included a presentation from Rafi G. Tahmazian, Canoe's energy sector Senior Portfolio Manager, who provided his view on the current state of the Canadian oil and natural gas industry.

"We have seen a significant correction in the Canadian oil and natural gas sector relative to other industries," said Mr. Tahmazian. "The conference provided the opportunity for investment advisors to see top quality companies who will be the drivers in the energy market."

Investment advisors who attended the conference were impressed with the scope and content of the conference.

"I really enjoyed the ability to meet senior management from the companies that Canoe is invested in," said Angus Watt, Managing Director, Individual Investor Services, National Bank Financial and mentor of the Angus Watt Advisory Group. "Canoe management clearly understands the fundamental importance of trust, relationships and performance. I am excited about the power of active management at Canoe and their goal to be relevant to investment advisors and clients."

"The new format and direct access to leading CEOs of companies that I am invested in is unique," commented Cairy Holtby, Vice President and Associate Portfolio Manager, RBC Dominion Securities. "I am now able to go back to my clients and tell them that I heard the stories directly from the CEO. That doesn't happen at other conferences."

About Canoe Financial LP

Canoe Financial is an investment management firm focused on building financial wealth for Canadians. Canoe currently manages approximately $1.6 billion in assets through its mutual funds and closed-end products. Canoe is a strong believer in Canada as a place to invest. With continued global urbanization, increasing worldwide demand for resources and its sound fiscal structure, we believe Canada provides long-term growth potential for investors.

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Bob Haber is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Haber Trilix Advisors, LP, who is a sub-advisor to Canoe Financial LP.

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