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February 05, 2015 23:00 ET

Canon Announces the EF 11-24mm f/4L USM L Series Full-Frame Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens, More Info: B & H Photo

Canon Introduces the EF 11-24mm f/4L USM, the World's Widest-Angle Rectilinear Zoom Lens, the Perfect Companion for Landscape and Architecture Photographers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 05, 2015) - Ultra-wide-angle lenses have seen a renaissance of sorts, with numerous manufacturers updating and adding to their line. Just last year, Canon released a new 16-35mm lens, and is now introducing the even-wider EF 11-24mm f/4L USM Lens. The full-frame L-series lens has an impressive starting focal length of 11mm, which will allow users to capture a seriously wide field of view. Also, the constant f/4 aperture guarantees consistent performance and light transmission throughout the zoom range.

With such a dramatic angle of view, this lens will be very desirable for landscape and architectural photographers, and as such, it is designed to withstand the elements with a high resistance to dust and water. Also, the front and rear lens surfaces have a fluorine coating, which reduces the amount of smearing and fingerprints that can affect image quality.

Read all about the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM L series lens                         

The optical design is, of course, the key component of any lens, and this one delivers with a variety of the latest and greatest technologies. It incorporates both a Super UD and a UD element to reduce chromatic aberrations, along with four aspheric elements to minimize distortion throughout the zoom range, something incredibly difficult and important at these focal lengths. Additionally, the Canon EF11-24mm f/4L USM L series lens features both a SubWavelength Coating (SWC) and an Air Sphere Coating (ASC) that will greatly reduce flare and ghosting.

For general handling and operation, the lens has an internal focusing system with a ring ultrasonic motor (USM) as well as a high-speed CPU and optimized AF algorithms which provide fast, accurate, and quiet autofocusing. Manual focus is available at all times through the physical focusing ring, and it has a minimum focusing distance of 11", allowing photographers to work in cramped spaces without issue. Its circular nine-blade aperture diaphragm helps to create soft, pleasing out-of-focus highlights.

You can now pre-order the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM L series lens for $2,999    

Of note is the physical design of the lens, which has a bulbous front element and a built-in lens hood. This hood reduces the chance of flaring from external light sources and offers a degree of protection against accidental impact. Bundled with the lens are a dedicated front lens cap and a storage case.

Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM Lens Product Highlights                                   

  • EF Mount L-Series Lens/Full-Frame Format
  • Constant f/4 Maximum Aperture
  • Super UD, UD, and 4 Aspherical Elements
  • SWC, Air Sphere, and Fluorine Coatings
  • Ring-Type USM Autofocus Motor
  • Internal Focus; Full-Time Manual Focus
  • Weather-Resistant Design
  • Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm

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