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May 17, 2011 16:06 ET

Canon Marketing Japan Expands to Support Growing Industrial Markets With VersaXRM-500 From Xradia

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2011) - Xradia, Inc., the leading provider of high-resolution 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM), announced today that Canon Marketing Japan has purchased the first VersaXRM-500. The recently-announced VersaXRM-500 offers 3D imaging with true spatial resolution at submicron levels.

Canon Marketing Japan (CMJ) recently launched a diversification strategy with long-term management and support solutions for the industrial equipment market, offering the world's leading products. The VersaXRM is being marketed by CMJ into anticipated high growth markets, including semiconductor, advanced materials and life sciences.

Mr. Kunio Kurihara, Vice President of Canon Marketing Japan, said, "We seek to provide our customers in Japan with leading technology products. The VersaXRM-500 is unique in the imaging field as it is a true microscope, able to provide the highest resolution at large working distances. This is especially important for our industrial customers who need more than traditional micro-CT to study their samples in real-world environments under near-natural conditions."

"We are proud to participate in CMJ's expansion goals in Japan with the VersaXRM-500," said Xradia CEO, Mr. Rod Browning. "This versatile system, providing the highest resolution on large and small samples, highest contrast for low Z materials, and non-destructive imaging capabilities for correlative microscopy is the ideal tool for our partner's expansion plans into industrial markets. Feedback from customer application demonstrations has been tremendous."

Versatility for a wide range of industrial and research requirements
The VersaXRM features flexibility for correlative microscopy with multi-length scale imaging using the VersaXRM in conjunction with the UltraXRM or other microscopy techniques. The combination of larger working distance and imaging flexibility offers far superior performance advantage over traditional micro-CT systems. The system offers breakthrough imaging capabilities for a number of industries:

Semiconductor: VersaXRM-500 offers the only non-destructive submicron resolution tomographic capability for advanced packaging development, process optimization and failure analysis. The system is able to visualize buried features in large intact packages, preventing the destruction of the device and the introduction of physical artifacts that can skew analysis. This also prevents the loss of critical information about the root cause of the failure as a result of destructive imaging methods.

Materials Science: The VersaXRM-500 is the first solution with the ability to accommodate samples as large as 300 mm and weighing up to 15 kg while also being able to achieve high resolution sub-micron imaging on samples as large as 50 mm -- far exceeding the size limitations imposed by traditional micro- and nano-CT -- to provide a better assessment of the structural integrity of materials and components. Non-destructive sub-micron imaging makes it possible to track damage events as they proceed, such as crack propagation under loading.

Life Sciences: The versatility inherent on the platform, including industry-leading phase and absorption contrast, advances studies of soft and hard tissue, both stained and unstained, from microstructure to nanostructure.

In addition to importing the system, CMJ will be responsible for technical support and field service after installation. CMJ has set up a demo lab for the VersaXRM-500 and is able to accept inquiries and requests for demonstration of the system's capabilities immediately.

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