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September 21, 2009 12:06 ET

Can't Keep Up With Twitter? Relax and Watch It All Live on Stupeflix.TV

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 21, 2009) - Wondering what's happening at an event right now? What your next destination looks like? What people are saying about you? Sure you could scour Twitter updates and battle your way through hundreds of web pages hoping for relevant information. Or you can just watch it live on your Stupeflix.TV personal channel!

Today Stupeflix announces the public release of Stupeflix.TV, a web television service showing exactly what you want to see as it is happening. To create a Stupeflix.TV channel, enter what you want to see -- e.g. "World Cup 2010" -- and click play to instantly watch a short video displaying the last pictures posted on Flickr and the latest Twitter updates matching the channel.

Monitoring is boring

Nobody can watch Twitter 24 hours a day. The real-time web can be frustrating as you are constantly missing information which matters to you. Etienne Albert, creator of Stupeflix.TV, explains: "The first thing I was doing each time I opened my Twitter account was spending 20 minutes scrolling down looking for something interesting I may have missed. I wanted to make this easier and more fun!"

Sit back and enjoy the show!

From the Hudson River water landing to Iran's last elections, Twitter and Flickr have proven to be powerful ways to follow the unraveling of current events. Stupeflix.TV renders this information in a convenient TV format, allowing you to follow events, or anything else, by watching live reactions from people involved.

Stupeflix.TV is brought to you by Stupeflix

Stupeflix.TV is one of the infinite possibilities of video applications which can be built upon the Stupeflix video generation engine, accessible to third-party developers through an open API. The video generation is so fast that, "In fact, we could broadcast 24/7 a video stream on regular TV based on live real-time web content," reveals Francois Lagunas, Stupeflix CTO.

About Stupeflix

Stupeflix is a French startup, winner of the SeedCamp 2008 startup competition and finalist of the TechCrunch Europe Awards 2009.

Stupeflix gives life to digital content by turning it into engaging videos. The Stupeflix Studio is a free online tool to easily create custom videos with your pictures and videos. The Stupeflix API is the most affordable and scalable solution for content-rich web properties to automatically generate massive amounts of video content along fully customized templates.

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