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FT Pipeline Systems

July 20, 2011 12:00 ET

Canusa Shrink Sleeves Help Protect Against Corrosion

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 20, 2011) - The use of Canusa sleeves maintains the integrity of the external coating across the joint area in steel pipes, according to FT Pipeline Systems, the leading UK provider of steel water pipelines.

Canusa products are heat activated shrink sleeves used on pipe joints to help prevent corrosion of the pipe joint. The adhesion of the shrink sleeve bonds the polyethylene backing to the pipe surface providing a barrier against mechanical damage and chemical attack. This protection helps the pipeline to last for longer, reducing the whole life costs and as a result, saving money for the client.

The Canusa sleeves are quick to install, as there is no requirement to prime or profile the pipe joint ensuring that the installation is extremely cost effective. Further to this the heat shrink sleeves are suitable for installation on steel, ductile iron and plastic pipes allowing the customer to use the product on a range of new installations. The sleeves are delivered by FT Pipeline Systems pre cut to suit the diameter and joint type of the application pipeline, saving the customer both time and ensuring no wastage of material.

Duncan Frazer, Managing Director of FT Pipeline Systems, said, "The Canusa sleeves are an excellent way of protecting pipe joints. The weakest part of a pipeline is the pipe joints and leakage caused by corrosion is an expensive problem to resolve. Anything that can improve the design life of pipeline can provide great cost savings for the client. Canusa sleeves are also easy to install and do not require specialist equipment making it a cost effective site process with minimum training."

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