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June 05, 2008 13:21 ET

Capital Insurance Group Launches Creative New "Think Twice" Ad Campaign

Home Insurance Company Banks on Groundbreaking Departure in Insurance Messaging

MONTEREY, CA--(Marketwire - June 5, 2008) - Home insurance company Capital Insurance Group will begin an imaginative new "Think Twice" advertising campaign next week in California magazines. The new creative uses the iconic two-finger cultural symbol to represent CIG's unique "double coverage" for homeowners.

"The two-finger sign has so many meanings that resonate with customers," said Harvey Kraft, Head of Marketing & Business Development for Capital Insurance Group. "It says peace, love, victory -- and now it also represents 'think twice.' We hope that homeowners will start to think twice about choosing their home insurance, because in the event of a total loss CIG stands shoulders above the rest, as we pay twice the base coverage of a policy, if that's what it actually costs to rebuild the covered home."

Set on sky blue background with rolling green hills, the first creative pictures an All-American-looking young boy showing a two-finger sign with his right hand and holding a crystal ball in his left hand. The two-finger sign represents a number of meanings, including "peace (of mind)" and "think twice." In his other hand, he is holding a crystal ball showing a home being rebuilt. The ad states that CIG "pays you up to TWICE the insured value of your home, if that's what it actually costs you to rebuild." In a second creative spread, a well-dressed woman in a hard hat flashes the two-finger sign and the crystal ball.

The double-truck ads are scheduled to appear in the June issue of San Francisco Magazine, San Diego Magazine, Coast Magazine, and Sacramento Magazine and run through the end of the year. Los Angeles Magazine also will carry the ad through the end of the year, starting in July. The creative also can be found in promotional materials and online advertising placements.

Ad agency Clout Creative of Carmel, California was responsible for the concept and development of the campaign.

"We wanted this campaign to send a clear message that CIG provides homeowners with real peace of mind. They can feel secure that they can rebuild their home despite rising and unexpected construction costs," said CIG President Peter Cazzolla. "Too many insurance ads talk about 'lower rates' without describing the limits of their coverage -- we wanted to break that mold."

In the Western states of California, Nevada and Oregon, CIG is leading the way in providing this level of coverage to homeowners experiencing a total loss. The "Think Twice" coverage allows the homeowner to decide whether they prefer to rebuild at the original site, rebuild elsewhere, or buy another home elsewhere (i.e., replace it).

To illustrate, take a CIG Homeowner's policy client with a policy for a $300,000 dwelling (coverage A). Assume that in assessing the value of the home after the loss, it is determined that it would cost $600,000 to rebuild. If the client decides to rebuild, CIG will pay up to $600,000, if that's what it actually costs to rebuild a comparable home, no matter where the client chooses to build, including other states. If the policy client prefers to buy another home elsewhere, then CIG will pay the replacement cost up to $600,000, if that's what is actually spent on the purchase.

Richard Larson and Ray Allen of Rancho Bernardo, California, are CIG clients whose home was destroyed in the San Diego Fires last October. Their $1.2 million rebuilding project is nearly complete, although most of their neighbors with homes that were destroyed in the fires are not so far along.

After the fires, a CIG insurance adjuster provided Larson and Allen a $1 million check to cover their temporary living expenses and the full amount of their policy. The additional $200,000 that it will cost to rebuild, on top of their policy, will be covered by CIG.

"Our insurance company has just been fantastic since day one," said Allen in a recent interview with the San Diego North County Times.

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