SOURCE: Capital Meats

February 14, 2013 06:00 ET

Capital Meats Shines Spotlight on Essential Kitchen Tools

A Recent Yahoo Article Highlights Seven Essential Kitchen Tools; The Article Has Won the Praise of Capital Meats

WINCHESTER, VA--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2013) - For professional chefs and amateur home cooks alike, it is imperative to have the proper tools and equipment. Indeed, having the right kitchen implements on hand can make or break any culinary activity. A recent Yahoo article highlights seven particular tools that no chef should go without -- and the article has won a comment from Capital Meats. Providing families across America with superior meat products since 1997, Capital Meats has weighed in on the Yahoo article with a new statement to the press.

"At Capital Meats, we have long been zealous for ensuring that home cooks and professional kitchens have the best-quality meat products to use in their dishes," comments Scott McMichael, the President of Capital Meats, in the company's new press statement. "While having the best ingredients is essential, so it having the right kitchen tools and cooking aids -- which is why we heartily endorse the recommendations made in this article."

In fact, the first kitchen tool on the Yahoo list is the meat grinder. According to the article, a good hand-cranked meat grinder can be an invaluable asset to home cooks, allowing them to enjoy fresh-ground hamburgers and even to make their own sausage. A meat grinder lends a more desirable texture than a food processor, and it also helps consumers take advantage of the fresh, hearty meat products offered by companies like Capital Meats.

Not all of the tools listed in the article are directly meat-related, but many of them have wide-ranging uses. For example, the Yahoo article suggests that every kitchen make good use of pepper mills, which can be loaded with all manner of spices and seeds. "For those using fresh meat products, a pepper mill is a great way to season to perfection," offers McMichael. "Using the pepper mill in conjunction with the meat grinder makes it easy to create homemade sausage dishes, to give just one example."

A related product is the spice grinder, which Yahoo notes can be useful for making use of tough ingredients like lime peels. Meanwhile, the article highlights digital thermometers as useful tools for bakers, though McMicheal says a good meat thermometer is also essential for serious chefs and amateur cooks.

Above all, the Yahoo article says, those who love to cook or to bake should seek out tools that are simple, easy to use, and highly utilitarian. Some other selections in the article include chopsticks, a pizza steel, and a digital scale.

Capital Meats is based in Virginia, and provides affordably-prices, high-quality beef, pork, and poultry products to families across America.


Capital Meats has provided quality meat products at unmatched prices for American families since 1997. Founded in Winchester, Virginia, the products sold by this family-owned company rival the taste and quality of similar products at five-star restaurants. The beef, poultry and pork that Capital Meats sells comes from American sources, and the seafood comes from top international seafood markets. All products are prepared carefully to protect freshness and nutrition. Meats are flash-frozen and packaged individually for shipment to your home. This ensures that all products meet the most exacting taste standards.