March 15, 2005 18:48 ET

Capone Releases Statement About His Testimony at Lil Kim's Trial

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 15, 2005 -- On Feb. 25, 2001, in what has now become a very well-publicized incident, rapper Capone (of Capone & Noreaga) was approached while standing outside the entrance to NY's Hot 97 radio station and asked by a member of Lil Kim's entourage if he had "a problem with Kim?" The question was in response to a track Capone & Noreaga had recorded with Foxy Brown in which Foxy (Kim's chief rival) made some unflattering remarks about Lil Kim. What happened outside of the popular NY City radio station soon thereafter resulted in a clash and a hail of gunfire being exchanged between Capone and Lil Kim's camps; and eventually ended with a member of Capone's posse being shot.

While rumor and speculation about Kim's still proceeding court case runs rampant, a sit down with Lil Kim, Capone and Junior Mafia has been arranged by intermediaries and Capone has issued a statement about his role in Lil Kim's trail, which he hopes will clear the air and once and for all set the record straight.

"I went to court because I was subpoenaed and obligated to be there," Capone says. "My testimony in no way incriminated Kim. I basically testified that I didn't see anything. The media is creating a frenzy out of this case, and people should know what's really going on."

Capone will be releasing his solo-debut, "Pain, Time & Glory," on May 24th on Pain, Time & Glory Enterprises/Fastlife Music.

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