October 10, 2010 11:01 ET

Capscan Launches Most Powerful International Data Quality Management Technology Yet at DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition

Booth 715, Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, CA, October 9-14, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 10, 2010) -

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DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition (DMA 2010) - Following its recently announced partnership with Loqate to provide international addressing technology and data, Capscan, a leading supplier of UK and international address management solutions and data quality services, today announced the latest version of Matchcode International at the DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition (DMA 2010). Driven by geographic data quality solutions provider Loqate's powerful Geo-data Quality Engine, the new version of Matchcode International enables global businesses to further enhance the value of their international contact data, using worldwide address data and geo-coding capability, covering 240 territories.

With a more competitive global marketplace motivating businesses to increasingly look overseas to expand their operations, the quality of international contact data is imperative in generating effective global sales and marketing campaigns and maintaining operational efficiencies. Different languages, address formats, customs, unique characters etc. all combine to ensure businesses are not short on facing challenges when entering new markets.

Visitors to Booth 715 at DMA 2010 will be amongst the first to see the new Matchcode International operational, which features improved matching speeds, more accurate results, a wider coverage of global address data and a multitude of ways to cleanse, validate and enhance customer data held by a business. As a result, customer databases are populated with accurate and correctly formatted international address data, delivering benefits including an improved global company image, an improved single customer view, reduced cost of mailing, reduced exposure of the business to identity fraud and better customer service.

"Matchcode International is not only a step up in itself, but we have developed what we believe to be one of the most high-performance tools available for International Data Quality Management (IDQM)," comments Managing Director of Capscan, Terry Hiles. "It produces significantly faster and more accurate matching for international address data, due to its advanced parsing engine and its capability to handle non-alphabet based languages, which is a major issue for many businesses operating in multiple territories."

Driven by Loqate's Geo-data Quality Engine's innovative parsing and analysis technology, Matchcode International produces superior, highly accurate matching rates against an improved breadth and depth of international reference data sourced from national postal authorities and other verified sources.

Matchcode International identifies, parses, verifies and enriches geographic and location based international data such as postal address and latitude/longitude coordinates. It also offers even more opportunities for businesses to enhance international contact data with external datasets such as worldwide geocoding (appending addresses with latitude longitude co-ordinates, including over 80 countries to rooftop level), lifestyle and various business to business information, which can add considerable value to the data already held by the business.

The standalone version of Matchcode International will be available for demonstration at Booth 715 at DMA 2010. Capscan plans to introduce on-demand and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) versions at a later date.

Delegates at the DMA Conference 2010 are also invited to join Capscan Sales Director, David Mead, who is participating in the Vendor Solutions Showcase on October 11th, from 11:30am until 12:15pm. Visitors to the Showcase will receive a better understanding of how Matchcode International can help them to enhance their IDQM strategies and processes and the benefits of data quality in the global marketplace.

DMA 2010 takes place on 9th – 14th October 2010 at the Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, CA. For further information on the conference, please visit

About Capscan

Capscan is a leading supplier of international address management solutions and data quality services. The company's flagship product, Matchcode, is a fully functional address management system, available as a stand-alone programme for data capture, a web-based tool for online data capture and as a tool for batch cleansing of commercial databases. Capscan now supports addressing functionality for 240 countries or territories worldwide. In addition, Matchcode UK address data can be integrated with Ordnance Survey data sets to allow mapping and logistics rationalisation. Capscan is also expert in the integration of lifestyle and business data sets into address databases to support and rationalise canvassing or marketing activities throughout Europe.

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To arrange a briefing with Capscan during DMA 2010, or to schedule a telephone interview prior to or following DMA 2010, please contact Caroline McGrath at CMM Communications Group.

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