July 16, 2008 10:11 ET

Capstone Receives $1,400,000 Order for Eco-i-Lite Program From Warehouse Club

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - CHDT Corp. (OTCBB: CHDO), a holding company actively managing subsidiaries focused on designing and manufacturing consumer products for the North American retail markets, announced today its subsidiary, Capstone Industries, Inc. (Capstone), has received orders in excess of $1,400,000 for its new Eco-i-Lite product line from a U.S. warehouse club. The product, which will ship in the 3rd quarter, will be sold in a two pack.

The Eco-i-Lite is a revolutionary multi-functional light (Power failure, hand held light and night light) that consists of an encased lithium ion battery and 6 LED light bulbs that never need to be replaced. The Eco-i-Lite has a contemporary look and rests in an attractive induction charging base which plugs directly into an electrical wall socket. This three-in-one functionality along with the green characteristics are the main reasons retailers showed a keen interest in this item at the National Hardware Show held this past May in Las Vegas.

Capstone has created unique holiday product offerings with all of its product lines and anticipates revenue growth in the third and fourth quarters which are historically the strongest sales periods. Eco-i-Lite is a newly developed item from the Capstone lighting division which last year was the sole revenue producer for the company through its book and task lights sales. Revenues rose 84% in 2007 and this year the company projects sales of $5,000,000 in its lighting division.

The company, which recently partially started shipping a $1,100,000 STP tool order to a warehouse club, now has distribution in two warehouse clubs.

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