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Capstone Technologies Group, Inc.

April 13, 2017 10:19 ET

Capstone Technologies Group, Inc Plans to Accelerate Plans in Order to Reduce Its Time to Market to Satisfy the Ever Expanding Growth in Cell Phone Networks and Mobile Devices

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 13, 2017) - CAPSTONE TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC. (OTC PINK: CBLY), has announced that it is being approached on almost a daily basis by companies associated with the Optical Fiber market. These potential clients are looking for contracts with a provider of Fiber Optics Preforms, Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cable to satisfy the worldwide growth and usage of mobile devices. Capstone, along with its subsidiaries, PPB Engineering and Custom Design, Inc. and American Fiber Optics Group, Inc., is revising its plans to accelerate the build-out of its scheduled production facility in Roanoke, VA in order to reduce its time to market as the demand for its products continues to grow at an even more rapid pace. 

"Cellular phone systems have grown to dominate the telecommunications marketplace. Countries that have had extensive landline phone systems for a century now already have more cell phones than landlines. Countries that had not developed landline-based phone networks skipped them entirely and went directly to cellular wireless where the adoption rates have been extremely high. While cellular wireless started out as a voice network, text messaging became very popular, eclipsing voice for most users. Smart phones brought the Internet to the phone, and soon data became the largest traffic generator for cellular networks. In the first 3-1/2 years of the iPhone, AT&T claimed their data traffic grew 8000% -- 80 times! Now video is coming to these same devices, creating an even faster growth rate for cellular network traffic. As cell phone usage continues to grow worldwide and more and more data is transmitted through smart phones each day, the market will continue to rely on Optical Fiber for the data transmission backbone."1 

Cell phone usage is no longer an option for most people in the developed world. People in business and in daily life are all but expected to have access to a cell phone. As this demand continues to grow worldwide and more and more data is transmitted through these smart phones each day, the market will continue to rely on Optical Fiber as its data transmission backbone.

Capstone sees all the interest in AFO's new 20 million km plus Optical Fiber production facility and chatter in the marketplace as validation of it plans to enter the Optical Fiber marketplace at this point in time. Capstone Chief Technology Officer, Wesley Poff, is quoted as saying, "Capstone's subsidiary, American Fiber Optics Group, will fast-track and continue to expand operations in the USA while seeking suitable partners throughout the world to further serve the expansive growth of the Optical Fiber Market. We see the opportunity and we know that market well, so we plan to bring our technology to the forefront to better serve what seems to be a starving appetite for Optical Fiber Cable."

Capstone Technologies Group, Inc. principals have been following and studying the Optical Fiber marketplace for several years now and have seen a steady and unrelenting need for more and more high quality products. It is with that understanding that it founded its subsidiary, American Fiber Optics Group, Inc. The company is now poised to bring its technology to the USA and to the rest of the world at its new production facility to satisfy Fiber Optics industry growth in the next decade and beyond. 


Capstone Technologies Group is perfectly affixed as the Top Structure of a growing list of visionary technology companies, destined to change the world in which we live by taking up the challenge of making the USA the manufacturing giant it once enjoyed. We believe in the strength and ingenuity of the American manufacturing market and the people that are dedicated to bring the best of new technologies to the marketplace, right here in the place where the manufacturing industry was born. We will take the existing foundation and history of American greatness and integrate that with advances in technology, to bring to worldwide consumers those leading edge products they demand.

Capstone is focused on forward looking entities that have distinguished themselves as leaders in their fields and are looking for investment and leadership to move their vision to fruition. We can bring forth the financial, logistical and outside the box thinking to develop a succinct and streamlined path to market.

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