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April 27, 2009 12:16 ET

Capsuline Addresses the Porcine Flu Outbreak

POMPANO BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - April 27, 2009) - Capsuline -- the market leader in 2-piece hard shell gelatin, vegetable, and flavored capsules -- is strangely benefitting from the recent Porcine Flu outbreak.

Whether warranted or not, the Porcine Flu outbreak gives a bad rap to all pork-based products. For those electing to err on the side of caution, many conspicuous products are easy to avoid (good bye crispy bacon). However, with a worldwide production amount of gelatin of over 300,000 tons per year, gelatin finds its ways in many food products such as puddings, desserts, and marshmallows, as well as cosmetics and toiletries.

One such purveyor of gelatin is Capsuline -- a Florida-based provider of 2-piece hard gelatin flavored capsules. In recent years, Capsuline has gained the favors of a number of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies with its unique flavor offerings such as orange, coffee, and even chicken (for dogs!) flavored capsules made of beef-based gelatin.

Bianca Montalvo, Customers Relations Manager at Capsuline, has seen a 300% increase in call volume since the Porcine Flu news broke. "Companies are scrounging to get pork-free capsules. I keep reassuring buyers that all our favored capsules are bovine based -- we've never used pork. We can't because all our products are kosher anyway," Montalvo explains.

"With throngs of anxious customers shunning all things porcine, Capsuline and other pork-free businesses are reaping in the rewards of what could possibly be a worldwide pandemic," adds Montalvo.

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Founded in 2002, Capsuline is the leading purveyor of flavored capsules with unique offerings such as coffee, bubblegum, strawberry, and even beef or chicken for pets. Capsuline is dedicated to serving the needs of the home-based supplements manufacturers and the small to mid-range manufacturer/distributor.

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