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Captain Cash for Gold

February 14, 2011 12:12 ET

Captain Cash for Gold Working to Reduce Dirty Gold

LAKEWOOD, NJ--(Marketwire - February 14, 2011) - Sixty Minutes reports that one of the deadliest wars since World War II is going on today, caused by consumers worldwide. Countries like Congo, Ghana, and others, although poverty-stricken, are rich in minerals. Human rights abuse is a fact of life there as gold greed goes unchecked. Child labor is rampant as workers stand in rancid mud, inhaling toxic chemicals, and working for hours. For Western consumers, a gold pendant in the showcase looks clean and pure. The dirt behind it recedes, but the horrors of its history can never be fully concealed. One metal refining company is now working to right the wrongs with a campaign urging consumers to sell gold for cash, thereby recycling gold.

After being mined, gold from Congo is shipped to Uganda, where it trades hands before reaching the rest of the world. It is then greenwashed; consumers are told that it originated from safe regions, and was mined in environmentally friendly ways. The situation in Congo is just one area of many where gold mining causes the release of toxic gases, cyanide spills, and human rights abuse.

The only way to halt the bloodshed associated with dirty gold is to bring accountability to the gold mining industry, and for consumers to demand records of gold's origins. For now, tracing gold is impossible without cooperation from gold mining companies. The next best thing is to recycle gold.

Scrap gold that is melted down produces jewelry of equal luster, with an added quality; they truly are composed of clean gold. Anyone can help by cashing in gold coins, jewelry, and old gold. There are numerous cash for gold buyers who offer to melt down gold. Not only do those who sell gold make money on the transaction, they also help rectify some of the wrongs being wrought on a daily basis in gold mines.

This concept is one that doesn't get nearly enough attention, as people willingly trade in household products for greener alternatives, while unused gold lies untouched. Captain Cash for Gold is a metal refiner that is working to bring awareness to the cause of recycling gold, and urging consumers to get cash for gold.

Trading in one gold ring could be saving the life of a child, or improving working conditions for miners. The effort is minimal, the rewards are monumental.

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