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April 06, 2017 12:07 ET

CaptionCall, LLC Recognizes Outstanding Audiology Students

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Apr 6, 2017) - CaptionCall, LLC, the leading provider of captioned telephone service, is pleased to announce that five outstanding audiology students have been chosen this year as recipients of the CaptionCall scholarship. Each student will receive $3,000. This is the first year CaptionCall has awarded its scholarship, which is offered to up to five postsecondary undergraduates planning to pursue graduate study in audiology or to current graduate-level students studying audiology. More than 80 students applied for the scholarship this year.

"We created the CaptionCall scholarship as a way to support the field of audiology," says Bruce Peterson, CaptionCall vice president of marketing. "We know that audiologists fill a critical role in helping individuals with hearing loss make choices to stay connected and to enjoy a high quality of life."

The winners of the 2017 CaptionCall scholarship are:

Jaclyn DeRosso   Pacific University, Oregon
Shae Morgan   University of Utah
Kelly Smith   University of South Florida
Claire Umeda   Vanderbilt University, Tennessee
Karen Woldt   Nova Southeastern University, Florida

For people experiencing hearing loss, CaptionCall strives to be a hearing health advocate to preserve social connectivity and independence. For audiologists, CaptionCall focuses on education and support to help audiologists clearly understand the benefits of CaptionCall for their patients and more easily navigate eligibility requirements to acquire CaptionCall services.

As a hearing healthcare advocate, CaptionCall offers programs for audiologists and their patients including webinars featuring industry experts, the Noah 4 module, which simplifies patient certification, the CaptionCall blog, which provides practical information for people experiencing hearing loss and their families and free Red Carpet Service -- a professional installation and product training program for all eligible patients.

CaptionCall offers the only captioning telephone that is Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) 4953 compliant -- meaning CaptionCall does more than any other provider of captioned telephone service to help users capitalize on their residual hearing combined with the availability of captions. The CaptionCall service is also available on iPad® through the CaptionCall Mobile app which allows people with hearing loss to clearly communicate wherever they are.

Students who are interested in learning more about the CaptionCall scholarship can visit Applications are accepted from November through January. For exact dates, students should visit the CaptionCall website beginning November 2017.

About CaptionCall, LLC
CaptionCall is a revolutionary telephone and service for anyone who can't use the phone without captions. While hearing loss affects millions of people for many different reasons -- age, illness, injury, loud working conditions and military service -- it doesn't have to limit the quality of their phone conversations. With CaptionCall, it's easy to communicate confidently with friends, family and colleagues.

CaptionCall uses voice recognition technology and a transcription service to quickly provide written captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen. The CaptionCall phone works like a traditional telephone -- callers simply dial and answer calls, as usual, and speak and listen using a phone handset. CaptionCall users see captions of what callers say.

Professional certification of hearing loss that necessitates a need for captions to use the telephone effectively is required for patients to receive the CaptionCall captioning service and phone at no cost. CaptionCall is a relay service that uses a human communications assistant and advanced voice recognition technology to generate captions of what the user's callers say. The CaptionCall phone, combined with the free, FCC-administered service and friendly customer support, enables people everywhere to get more from their phone conversations -- and more from life.